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Buyer's Guide: Leather Gun Belts

Tips For Buying Leather Gun Belts

A leather gun belt helps you hold your gun securely in the safest self-defense pose in the belly, not around the ankle, behind the back, or neck. A good gun belt is an investment that definitely pays off. You need to select the right quality belt that suits your taste and that matches well with your pants or shirt. It also needs to be comfortable as well. Here's how to find it.

Look for full grain leather gun belts. This is the top quality of hide that most gun makers prefer to use. In fact, only full grain leather is suitable for gun belts, holsters, and other accessories because of its sheen and strength. The soft, thin grains of top grain leather have a unique finish that is quite desirable. Many people who are allergic to synthetic materials will be especially pleased at the nice feel and durability of full grain leather.

Avoid fake leather. While you may find imitation leather gun belts at a bargain price, they're no substitute for genuine leather. Fake leather tends to crack, split, and wear down quickly. Genuine leather is often reinforced with plastic, rubber, or other non-leather materials. That means if it becomes worn down to the point where it must be replaced, you'll have to spend more money to get it repaired, so why settle for less?

Decide between belts with and without buckles. Different people need different things when it comes to carrying a gun. Those who want the most security may choose to buy gun belt with buckles. Others who like the look of the gun might go with reinforced leather gun belts come with interchangeable buckles. These allow you to switch out buckles to customize your look.

Think versatility. Gun holster leather gun belts come in a variety of colors. Think about the color of your belt buckle. If you don't want your gun to match your clothing, consider going with a different color. You can always mix and match with other gun accessories, including leather gun belts.

Choose a buckling design that works with the rest of your attire. Many people go with a standard, double-sided buckle, but hidden-track buckles are another option that offer some variety. Hidden track buckles work best with shirts, khakis, and lighter-colored pants, and they offer the added benefit of matching your belt and harness perfectly.

Think comfort. Gun belt designs are very functional, and you'll likely wear them many times throughout the day. Consider durability as well as comfort. Choose a leather gun belt made from high-quality material that will last for years. Remember, a good gun belt can protect your handgun from damage, but a good belt also needs to be comfortable to wear.

Leather gun belts offer the perfect fit and versatility to complement any wardrobe. Look for belts made with hidden track or reinforced steel core buckles. Leather belts are comfortable and durable enough to handle anything life throws at it. With a little planning, you're sure to find the right belt to make your shooting experience that much better.

Choose a design to suit your needs. You can choose belt designs with elaborate spreads or intricate patterns that allow you to customize your concealed carry gear. There are belt designs in solid colors, patterns, or both. For a discreet look, choose a single color gun belt, or add a contrasting color to match your jacket or pants.

Get a good gun belt buckle. It's not uncommon to see buckles on belts, but poorly designed buckles can puncture your clothing. Leather gun belts are tough and durable, so invest in a high-quality buckle. In addition, belt buckles are typically not attached to belts; consider purchasing one that attaches to the gun belt separately for added functionality. Buckle attachments may be available in several popular styles, including snaps, Velcro, and magnetic closures.

Consider reinforced core gun belts. Reinforced core means the same quality as a full grain leather belt. This is important because with more layers of hide added, gun belts tend to have a better grip and are more durable than regular belts. While it does cost more, investing in reinforced core gun belts will pay for itself over time, as they'll last longer and provide more durability and comfort.

Finally, find the perfect fit. All gun belts should be made to fit a specific person, so be sure to purchase belts made by the same makers who make your favorite shooting clothes. For example, law enforcement pants are slightly smaller than regular work pants, while military pants are larger. Also, concealment belts are usually designed for men, while full grain leather belts are best suited for women. Keep these points in mind as you shop, and you'll be able to find leather belts with the perfect fit.