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Nexbelt Gun Belts

Nexbelt 2019 Titan Black Men's EDC Tactical Belt Ratchet...
  • QUALITY BELT TECHNOLOGY - The nylon red zipper track allows...
  • STRONGEST FIT & HOLD - For extra measures, the clasp has a...
  • SWEAT RESISTANT BACKING - Strap backing is made of nylon to...
  • STIFF BUT COMFORTABLE, NO ROLLOVERS - The grey nylon strap...

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Overview Of The Nexbelt Gun Belts

One of the best ways to carry your gun is with the use of the Nexbelt Gun Belts. This is because they are the most secure belt on the market. Both leather and nylon gun belts are equipped with a special reinforced core which makes the belt really stiff, it does not sag. A special sizing system also marks off measurements in each individual belt band to help find your correct fit. If you need to know your size, then this is a quick and easy way to get it done.

The Nexbelt Gun Belts were designed for both casual and professional users. The design is very similar to traditional gun belts, where it features a pair of straps that run over the shoulders, over the pants, and around the waist. There is a buckle that attaches the gun belt to the top of the pants. When it is worn, it draws up into the front of the pants making it difficult for a thief to get to the weapon when the wearer is not wearing it.

The convenience of these gun belts, which have been designed especially for the person that may not have ever used a gun before, is that the straps can be adjusted to fit any body size or shape. This allows people with all different body types to wear them. It will be very comfortable and ergonomic to wear while working out at the gym or just at home. These belts work great for women who are pregnant and have to keep their pants up. It will keep the gun securely fastened even if it is in an elevated position. The material that is used to make the Nexbelt has been purposely designed to meet the needs of those that are overweight since it is thick enough to keep one's pants up.

For those that are new to the idea of a gun belt, it is very similar to most other belt type products. They are normally made of leather, which provides a very durable product. The reason that this type of product is usually thicker is because it is intended to prevent a thief from being able to run away with one. One way that a thief can do this is by taking the gun belt, zipping up the zipper, and then hiding it within the pants. This makes it impossible to notice and retrieve.

The good thing about the gun belts is that they can be bought with a built-in or detachable belt buckle. The built-in belt buckle will keep the gun belt from shifting and sliding around which could cause movement problems. The belt buckle can also add a little more style to the product. While some people do purchase belt buckles that match their clothing, others prefer buying them to match the style of their overall wardrobe. The detachable buckle, however, can be removed and replaced if desired.

The two main types of gun belts that are available are made from nylon and leather. Nylon is typically more durable than leather, which is why many people prefer to purchase nylon over leather. However, many consumers have reported that despite spending the extra money for a quality nylon belt, it was not nearly as durable as the leather ones. Some people have even noted that after extensive use, the nylon began to fall apart. This may be caused by improper care of the product or just bad luck.

Those looking for an extremely durable product that is more rugged than others, may want to consider the black midsole and rubber ratchet ultimate appendix pads of the Nexbelt product line. These two components are made with extra tough materials and features that make them ideal for users that often wear their gun belts outside. The thick cushion and strong stitching in the midsole provide increased comfort and support. In addition, the ratchet appendix pads are designed to offer superior strength.

If one must choose between price and durability, it would definitely seem like a smart choice to go with the former. However, many consumers have reported problems with the way the gun belt slides in and out of their holsters. While the slide on design seems to work properly most of the time, there are still some that do not slide as easily as they should. These problems may be enough to keep many people from purchasing this line of holsters.