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Primos Coyote Call

ON SALE!Rank 1
Primos Coyote Bear Buster Call
  • Quality materials used for all Primos products
  • 100% designed and tested for the toughest situations and...
  • Whether you are a professional, recreational user, or even...
  • Reproduces the distress bleat or bawl of a young deer - a...
  • Can be blown very softly or extremely loud
ON SALE!Rank 2
Primos Randy Anderson Signature Series Hot Dog Predator Call
  • Includes lanyard
  • Produces super smooth howls, as well as the distress calls...
  • Detachable mouthpiece for distress calls
  • Loudest, most raspy howler for long-range calling and...
ON SALE!Rank 3
Primos Randy Anderson Signature Series Lil' Dog Predator...
  • Great for calling foxes, bobcats and coyotes
  • Includes two mouthpieces: green for close-in calling and...
  • Great for coyote howls
Rank 4
Primos Catnip Call Reed
  • Creates the Meow of Bobcats as well as rabbit and Fawn...
  • Made of soft rubber
  • Creates the Meow of cats
Rank 5
Primos Double Cottontail Call
  • Crafted from the highest quality material ensuring quality...
  • Double Cottontail
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Two Metal Reeds
  • High-Pitched & Raspy
  • Laminated Barrell