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Primos Duck Calls

ON SALE!Rank 1
Primos Hunting 838 Duck Call, High Roller
  • Built in roller bar that makes the fluttering whistle...
  • Produces the Whistle of the Pintail, Mallard Drake, widgeon...
  • Duck call high roller
  • Built in roller bar that makes the fluttering whistle...
  • Produces the whistle of the pintail, mallard drake, widgeon...
Rank 2
Primos Hunting 805 Duck Call, Easy Mallard Single Reed
  • Requires little air pressure to blow
  • Single-reed call
  • Blows when wet
  • Single-reed call
  • Blows when wet
  • .010-Inch thin Mylar reed makes it super easy to blow
Rank 3
Primos Original Wench Call
  • 100 percent designed and tested for the toughest situations...
  • Tuning hole in stopper/bell allows you to vary pitch....
  • Super-hard polycarbonate barrel for intense volume
  • The economical choice for the hard core waterfowler who...
Rank 4
Primos Hunting 839 Duck Call, Power Drake & Duck Whistle
  • Includes lanyard loop
  • New design for increased volume
  • Reproduces the sounds of gadwalls, widgeons, pintails,...
  • New larger design allows hunters with mustaches to use call...
  • Includes lanyard loop
ON SALE!Rank 5
Primos Pro Mallard Call
  • Crafted from the highest quality material ensuring quality...
  • Pro Mallard
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Single-reed call
  • Blows when wet!
  • Sounds great in timber or over open water
  • Made with .010-Inch Mylar reed for raspy quacks to clear...
  • Special tuning hole in the bell to sound like more than one...