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Buyer's Guide: Tactical Gun Belts

Choosing the Right Tactical Gun Belt

The Ultimate Epic Range, Tactical Gun Belts for Tactical, Conceal, Tactical, Light, Ranged, Competition, Tactical and War. One thing many gun owners seems to have in common with regard to guns is the desire for a reliable, comfortable belt when wielding the wide assortment of guns they own. It is important that you know how to select the proper belt whether it be for self defense, or just for fun. Here are some features to look for:

Nylon - A great, durable and long lasting material to use for your belt. Nylon is lightweight, strong and very comfortable and is great for everyday use. Nylon tactical gun belts are usually more durable than other types of belt due to the type of manufacturing process used in making them.

Holsters come in all shapes and sizes and come made of different materials. There are leather holsters, PVC holsters, belt buckle holsters, shoulder holsters, pouches, concealable holsters, etc. The best way to choose which one for you would depend on what you will primarily be using your gun belts for. Some people use their tactical gun belts as a means of protection, while others use them for fun (like I do). The main point is to find a holster that you feel comfortable carrying.

Tenseighl, Quick Release, and Cobra - Tenseighl (or Thigh Warmers) are the most popular (and most commonly used) among pistol belt designers and makers. They offer a little extra tension, which helps increase belt life, and some people like the added tension for added comfort. Most people tend to agree that tenseighl holsters are comfortable, but they are also known to be fairly easy to release. Some types are actually tensioned manually by hand, though there are some models that are automatically tensioned by using a clip or belt tensioner. The quickest release, however, is the one that uses a quick-release buckle.

Concealed Carry Gun Belts - The most popular choice for concealed carry gun belts is the classic belt model; it usually has a buckle that can be easily released by pulling the buckle itself outward. These holsters are the most common type of belt that a person will purchase for their concealed carry gun. A newer variation on this model is the clip-less holster; the clips of the holster do not need to be replaced when they wear out, and they do not slide out on an involuntary basis. However, many people have expressed concerns about the lack of friction between the belt and the clips, which can lead to problems with the gun sliding around inside the holster. Clip-less holsters can also be somewhat tricky to get to when you need to access your gun; if you are planning on wearing a shirt or a pair of jeans, you may find that you have to tuck the gun belt into your shirt or pants in order to access it.

Tactical Gun Belts - These are the most expensive of the three main styles. These belts are made from a variety of materials, and most of them have some type of reflective material or a high visibility design on the metal surface. This type of belt is used in situations where being visible is a serious issue, such as in a military or tactical setting. Some of these tactical rigsgers belts are made with a combination of reflective metal and high visibility nylon, while others are made completely from high-visibility nylon with reflective strips on the outside.

Blackhawk Tactical Gun Belt - Although blackhawk isn't as highly regarded as the other two styles, it does have its own fans. The blackhawk belt is made from a heavy grade of Kevlar, and features a heavy duty snap buckle and a steel reinforcement belt. While this isn't the most attractive option, it does have a lot of extra strength than the other two choices. It is also one of the strongest, most durable, and widest available in most stores. These should be able to hold up for years of use without any wear and tear.

Nylon Gun Belts - Although nylon isn't nearly as popular as the other two materials listed here, it can still be a very effective choice. These are one of the cheapest options on the market, but they are very durable and will hold up for years of use. There are many different sizes available, so there should be one to fit your needs. Many people choose tactical belts with triple-reinforced stitching, which is large and can hold a large number of bullet casings.