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Tippmann Paintball Guns

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Buyer's Guide

Tippmann Paintball Guns - Why You Should Consider Them

Tippman Paintball guns are well known throughout the world and have an excellent reputation for being reliable an d durable. This is a good thing, however, you should know that these guns are not cheap and will often need to be replaced after many uses. There is a particular reason why Tippman paintballs are so expensive though. They were designed with heavy use in mind and were produced for professional players. You can tell that a Tippmann gun is really quality made by the extra material they use. This material holds the paint tighter than most other types of paintballs and ensures that the paint lasts much longer.

The Tippmann Cronus Paintball Gun is probably the most popular of the line and is the favorite of many people who love to play paintball. The Cronus is an affordable model of the Tippman 98 Custom because it basically has the same internals as a standard Tippmann 98. But the Tippmann Cronus doesn't have fully metal reinforced full metal body like the 98 Custom. This has led to complaints by many players about the paint gun breaking down or bending easily, but a new way to resolve this issue has been introduced. The Tippmann Cronus has an aluminum body and a steel bolt that goes on the side instead of the usual orange safety tip.

These new models of Tippman paintball guns are not as powerful as their older siblings and do not shoot at a constant FPS like they once did. If you are looking for a gun that shoots consistent BB's at a high FPS you may want to consider a tactical team gun. These are highly customizable and can be purchased with a sight or without one. Some of these tactical-level markers also have a folding carrying handle which allows you to tote your gun more readily when transporting it to competitions.

The Tippmann Pro 99 and its siblings are moderately priced and can be purchased for as low as one hundred dollars. The only real difference between these low end models and the more expensive high end models is that some models will not accept any type of paintballs other than a paintball filled version. They also tend to use plastic cartridges.

Tippman markers also have two unique features that other paintball guns do not. First, they have a patented cyclone feed gun. The Tippmann cyclone feed gun shoots out a slow BB that is propelled forward at a high velocity. This feature allows the user to achieve faster speeds and more consistently hits.

Another unique feature of some Tippmann paintball guns is the trigger mechanism itself. The trigger mechanism on the Tippmann markers is different than that of other tactical or paintball guns. It does not employ the traditional trigger. Instead it employs what is known as the pressure-sensitive, trigger. These types of triggers give off a small amount of pressure that fires off the BB at a much faster rate than a traditional trigger.

All of the above mentioned features make the Tippmann paintball guns markers stand apart from other brands. However, you still need to keep in mind that even though Tippman paintball guns markers have certain outstanding qualities, they can still be expensive. One reason for this is that they are not mass produced like other popular tactical products. This means that you may be waiting quite some time for each gun to arrive.

Tippman paintball guns are definitely a good investment. However, you still have to make sure you get them from a reliable source. If you do, you will have no problems with your purchase.