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Tipton Gun Cleaning

Tipton 13-Piece Brass Jag Set with Storage Case for Rifle...
  • SPECS: This kit includes 13 brass bore jags for rifle...
  • EASE OF USE: Caliber specific jags ensure an optimum fit in...
  • VERSATILE: With 13 jags, you can easily clean a variety of...

Buyer's Guide: Tipton Gun Cleaning

Tipton Gun Cleaning

The Tipton Gun Cleaning Kits are designed to keep your Tipton Guns in top condition with a long life of service from any gun cleaning equipment. You do not have to be a Gunsmith to use this product; most people have little or no experience with Gun cleaning and will have no problems using this product. Children and adults can easily use these kits.

Tipton Gun Cleaning Kits consist of an air compressor, a microfiber pad, and a precision-tuned carbon fiber cleaning rod. The air compressor comes with a compressor hose and a compressor brush. The microfiber pad has a patented and safe cleaning solution and can also be used to remove oil and grease from the trigger and bolt areas of the gun. The carbon fiber cleaning rod has many uses. It can be bent and twisted to get deep crevices that other cleaners can miss, and it is very effective at polishing the gun's internal parts.

The Tipton gun vise comes complete with a nylon screw, a steel bolt, and brass washers. The nylon screw attaches to the vise with an orange lever. The screws allow you to tighten or loosen the mounting screws, and they keep the vise in place when you are working with it. There is a small but powerful ratchet wrench attached to the vise as well. This allows you to change the washers and the screws at any time.

The cleaning rod consists of a steel shaft with a T-bar and an aluminum handle. The steel shaft is curved so that you can clean in all the areas of the Tipton. When you tighten the grip to the front of the vise, it locks into place, ensuring that the cleaning rod is locked tight when you are working. The ratchet allows you to change the direction of the cleaning rod. This is very helpful if you want to clean on both sides of the Tipton. The 50ct cleaning agent has been designed to be extremely strong, durable, and to hold up against a wide range of pressure.

You should ensure that your Tipton gun is always loaded and ready to go before working on a project. Most models will come with a carrying case that keeps the vise from tipping over when trying to carry it from one location to another. This makes it much safer for your projects. There is no need to load the washers on the gun. The cleaning rod, the felt cleaning pellets, and the vise were all designed to be extremely lightweight, making them easily portable.

One advantage of using a Tipton that works on a belt is that you never have to keep swapping out the cleaning agents. If you use standard stick washers on a standard Tipton, you will have to change them frequently, which could be a safety issue if you have children or pets. When you use a belt style cleaner, you only have to swap the washers out as needed, rather than constantly changing the washers on a belt that could be dangerous. Using a Tipton that uses 50ct clean ing pellets, you never have to worry about running out of clean washers as there is never a shortage of them, which is great for larger jobs.

The cleaning process is simple. Place the Tipton over the working surface that you are working on, like your kitchen counter. Place the handle of the gun in between the Tipton and the surface, and start the motor. As the motor turns, the Tipton pushes the cleaning solution through the gun. The amount of clean solution that the gun uses depends on the type of gun and what material it is working on, but you can expect at least one cartridge to be used up in the process of cleaning your gun.

The Tipton gun cleaning process is easy and fast. You don't have to worry about waiting around for a few hours while the gun is taking care of the cleaning. You can get the gun out quickly and start cleaning. If you ever decide to buy another one of these, you can always take it back and exchange it if you find that it doesn't work as well as the first time. The fact that it's easy and fast makes it an excellent choice for those who want a quick and easy way to keep their guns clean.