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Vaultek Gun Safes

VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe Bluetooth Smart Pistol...
  • COMPACT DESIGN can securely hold 1 handgun, magazine(s),...
  • TOUGH AND RUGGED 16-gauge carbon steel construction features...
  • QUICK ACCESS to your valuables and documents from the auto...

Buyer's Guide: Vaultek Gun Safes

Vaultek Gun Safes and Apps

If you're looking for an effective home security solution, look no further than the new Vaultek smart gun safes. This innovative home security device is designed to protect any handgun, pistol, or rifle. The Vaultekgun safe securely stores up to one hundred handguns, rifles, and shotguns. It features a tamper-proof biometric keypad lock that requires minimal operator training for anyone who should find themselves in the position of access. A sixteen-gauge heavy-duty steel frame with a durable matte finish ensures long-lasting protection of your valuables for years to come and includes both a front and a rear entry door. Additional optional features include interior mounting hinges, two-point anti-theft locks, and keyed lock options.

The front entry door offers an eight-point internal locking system and includes an optional ninety-degree flip-top window that opens fully and a keyed locking system. The two-point locking mechanism is designed with both standard and slim models and includes a lifetime warranty. The sleek interior design of the Vaultek safe offers users a safe and convenient way to store up to one hundred firearms, including ammunition and accessories. It is equipped with an interlocking system that allows users to easily load the safe without removing a section of the safe itself.

The heavy-duty sixteen gauge steel construction used in the Vaultekslider series gun safes distinguishes it from other types. This type of safe offers users added protection against burglary, fire, and accidental damage. The safe utilizes a unique key system that makes it more secure than any other safe currently on the market. The added security and convenience are made possible when the floor plate, exterior door latch, interior door knob, and deadbolt lock are all included in the safe design.

The Vaultek gun safe allows users to take full advantage of their guns when they are out of sight but not out of mind. When a gun is in the case, the gun cannot be picked up or touched by anyone other than the gun owner. For added protection, users can opt to purchase a padded carry handle and a keypad lock. There is also an optional ninety-degree flip-top window that opens fully. The exterior door latch and deadbolt lock feature allow users to lock the door from the inside and offer an added safety measure when there are no keys available.

The Vaultek handgun safe can also be used as a smartphone gun safe. A user can download the app for their smartphone to not have to carry cash or other valuables with them, which can often be lost or misplaced during a trip to the store. This option also adds additional convenience as users can arm and disarm their safe from anywhere with a fingerprint or iris scan. Vaultek gun safes can be used with many of the top smartphones including the iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, and Blackberry.

Some people may wonder why a smartphone gun safe would be needed for a vehicle. Most vault safes are manufactured to be used in fireproof cabinets that can withstand high temperatures. However, the fire protection features present in vault safes for automobiles are far greater than those found in fireproof cabinets, making vault safes an excellent solution for both travelers and drivers.

A newer version of the Vaultek lifepod series offers users the ability to use their phones as part of their secure storage. This phone integration allows the users to arm and disarms the safe with a touch of a button while viewing a holographic image of a firearm on the device's screen. This image is designed to be visible only to the owner, preventing others from seeing the code used to arm and disarm the safe. The image is only displayed for a few seconds, but users can use an application provided by the Vaultek company for quick access to the code.

Users should ensure that they purchase the safe from a trusted manufacturer to ensure that it will serve them for years to come and keep firearms safely stored when they are not in use.