About GLS Tactical

About GLS Tactical

Our mission is to bring our readers access to clear and concise information on how firearm laws apply to them in the 21st century. 


We pride ourselves on being a straightforward place with the most accurate and up-to-date gun information on the internet. We are here to empower, inform, and provide citizens of America with an outlet for quality knowledge on the various gun laws in their state or district. 

Our mission is to ensure our Second Amendment stands as a pillar of a truly free society. Our Founding Fathers gave us the inalienable right to keep and bear Arms, against all enemies foreign or domestic. We stand with those who stand for the Second Amendment.

We believe it’s critical you know what we stand for and our most important values:  

We The People:

We are one nation, united in our ideals. We stand in respect of what America means. Freedom from oppression. We The People means we are all in this together. We must all work together to keep our ideals from crumbling. If we build a strong enough foundation, day by day, we can leave a lasting legacy of prosperity and joy for our children’s children.  


This is a Japanese term which means: continuous improvement. It’s a foundational belief here at Gun Lawsuits. It’s a philosophy in which we are always continuously improving ourselves, our communities, and our projects (of which Gun Lawsuits fall into this bucket). Please criticize us because it provides a chance to improve. If you’re not improving – even inch by inch – then you’re dead. Nobody wants to be dead. 

Natural Rights:

Our founding fathers believed in the concept of Natural Rights. These are rights granted to any and every human which can never be taken from them. In their eyes the Right to self-defense was critical. It’s why the Second Amendment is number 2 on their list of important Rights to provide their citizens with. Behind only the Right to free speech, free press, and freedom of religion. When the British attempted to take firearms away from the colonists when they began rebelling. Luckily they failed, but our enemies (both foreign and domestic) would love to succeed in this attempt. It’s paramount we stand under the ideal that We The People have the Right to self defense with firearms, the most equalizing weapon known to man. 


Independence only works if We The People accept responsibility for the consequences of our actions. We only believe in responsible gun ownership, which means you must be up to date with your training and certifications, you must know and appreciate the power of a firearm, and you must always be thinking safety first. We are responsible here. End of story.  

If you subscribe to these beliefs, then please join us on this mission to spread the word of responsible gun ownership in the United States. 

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to provide value to you. 

Thank you for being a reader. 


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