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Wyoming has a Shall-issue policy for CCW permits in the state, issued at the local county level with processing done at the state department of criminal investigations.

The state will run a criminal record background check before issuing you a permit, and this is also compulsory while buying firearms from federally licensed dealers.

To apply for Wyoming CCW permits, you must meet all state requirements, and complete the background record.

Also, the permit is not available to non-residents of the state.

Wyoming Gun Laws

Wyoming issues a concealed firearm permit to only residents of the state who are above the age of twenty-one and want to conceal carry.

To apply, you must take up a Wyoming concealed carry permit course for firearms training. It must be an approved training with a state-certified instructor.

The alternatives to firearm training are organized shooting competition and qualification through military service.

Non-residents can only conceal carry with a CCW permit from another state that Wyoming honors.

Wyoming CCW Permit Reciprocity

Wyoming has a reciprocity deal with other states that honor its concealed firearm permit and states with a license accepted nationwide.

Other aspects of the reciprocity deal include the following:

  • States that Wyoming will accept their CCW permit: You can conceal carry with a CCW permit issued from any of these states. However, you must be at least twenty-one years old to do so. There are thirty-five of them.
  • States that will accept Wyoming CCW Permit: These states will allow you to conceal carry within their territory if you have a Wyoming concealed firearm permit. There are seventeen of them.
  • States that have restricted reciprocity with Wyoming: In these states, you can only conceal carry with Wyoming CCW permit if you are more than twenty-one years old. There are five of them.
  • States with permitless carry policy: In these states, you do not need a CCW permit to conceal carry or possess your firearm, as long as you meet all requirements provided to do so. There are fourteen of them.

You have to be extremely careful if you want to conceal carry in a state you have never been before.

Note that gun laws differ from state to state regardless of a reciprocity deal between them. Therefore you cannot conceal carry in every other state, according to your residential state gun law.

So, read about the gun laws of a particular state before visiting with your firearm.

Location Restriction For Concealed Carry In Wyoming

Wyoming, like other states in the USA, has policies that prohibit the possession of firearms in some areas of the state.

On no account are you allowed to be with your firearm in these places, except you are a law enforcer or a peace officer.

So, to be on the safe side of the law, you have to know about places where you can conceal carry in Wyoming and areas where you cannot.

Places Where You Cannot Conceal Carry In Wyoming

  • You are not allowed to conceal carry in any elementary school premises or facilities.
  • You are not allowed to conceal carry in colleges and athletic fields used for professional sports, except the event is related to the use of a firearm.
  • You are not allowed to conceal carry within any university facility, without gaining permission from the security head in charge.
  • You are not allowed to conceal carry in any building or facility that a law enforcement agency uses for their operations or administrative duties.
  • You are not allowed to conceal carry in any prison, jail, detention facility for criminals, or correctional home.
  • You are not allowed to conceal carry in a courtroom except if you are the judge, or you have permission from the judge to do so.
  • You are not allowed to conceal carry in any meeting for government entities.
  • You are not allowed to conceal carry in any legislative committee meeting.
  • You are not allowed to conceal carry in any enterprise that has a license to sell liquor for consumption within the premises.
  • You cannot conceal carry in any state hospital or health care home.
  • You cannot conceal carry anywhere that federal law prohibits the possession of firearms.

Places Where You Can Conceal Carry In Wyoming

You can possess your firearm and conceal carry in the following places or situations in Wyoming:

  • Restaurants and Bars: You can conceal carry in an eatery area of a restaurant and bar except if there is a prohibition from the possession of a firearm on the premises. However, you cannot conceal carry in bar areas, or anywhere they sell alcohol in the state.
  • Private Vehicle: You can conceal carry in your vehicle as long as you are legally permitted to do so. Non-residents must have a license from other states to conceal carry in a private car in Wyoming. However, while carrying in a vehicle, the firearm must be kept away from public view.
  • Roadside areas: You can conceal carry along roadside areas and recreational areas.
  • State/National parks and forests: You can conceal carry in state/national parks and forests as well as wildlife management areas.
  • Places of worship: You can conceal carry in places of worship; however, since they are private properties, they can have posts restricting the possession of firearms within the premises.

Concealed Carry For Law Enforcement Officers In The State

The law enforcement officers’ safety act in America states that officers of the law can conceal carry in any jurisdiction of the country without location restriction or any limitation by state or local laws.

This law applies to active and retired officers, and only those who meet the standards of the act can conceal carry.

In Wyoming, law enforcement agencies are not in charge of the qualification process for retired officers.

The state’s Police Officer Standard and Testing department are in charge of conducting the application for retired officers that live and serve in the state.

After the officer completes the qualification process, the police department will issue a letter certifying that the officer meets all LEOSA requirements to conceal carry.

Sheriffs and chief of police in the state issue stickers to law enforcement agencies as a proof of the annual concealed carry requirements.

Buying And Selling Of Firearms In Wyoming

For the sales and purchase of firearms in Wyoming, you must meet all the gun laws and policies provided by the state.

This also includes the requirements and regulations for possession, transportation, and transferring firearms in the state.

Purchasing Permit And Firearm Registration In Wyoming

Wyoming does not issue a purchasing permit to buy a firearm, and there are no firearm registration policies as well.

Also, the state does not have a firearm roster for a list of accepted handguns.

Criminal Record Background Check

You do not need to complete a background check if you are buying the firearm from a private seller.

However, the check is an essential requirement for federally licensed sellers in the state.

There is no check if you already have the Wyoming CCW permit.

You must keep your sales receipt at all times. This can help you claim ownership of your firearm.

Waiting Period For The Possession Of Firearm In Wyoming

The law does not specify a waiting period for the completion of firearm sales in the state.

So, as soon as your background check comes out clean, you can buy the firearm.

Age Requirement For The Possession Of Firearm In Wyoming

You must be at least eighteen years old before you transport or possess a firearm in Wyoming.

This is different from the age requirement of twenty-one for the purchasing permit.

Possession Of Firearms In Personal Buildings

You do not need a permit to possess firearms in your home of residence or any building you own by leasing or renting.

Castle Doctrine In Wyoming

Wyoming adopts the castle doctrine policy, which means that you can stand your ground as a means of self-defense.

This law allows the use of necessary force against an intruder to protect yourself, your property, and the life of someone living with you or in a place where you have a legal right to be.

You can make use of deadly force if you believe that the attack can lead to severe injury or imminent death.

In this case, the law will grant you immunity from civil liability.

However, in a castle doctrine situation, you must not be the invoker of an attack or be somewhere you do not have lawful rights to be. In this case, you must retreat such an attack.

Wyoming Concealed Carry Permit Requirements

Before you apply for the CCW permit, you must meet all the requirements to be a permit holder.

The requirements include the following:

  • You must be a citizen or a legal resident of the United States of America.
  • You must reside in Wyoming, or possess a permit that is valid nationwide, from another state that has CCW permit reciprocity with Wyoming.
  • You must be at least twenty-one years old, except you have a personal recommendation from the sheriff of your local county, in which case you must be at least eighteen years old.
  • You must complete a Wyoming concealed carry permit class focused on firearm training.
  • You must not have any state law prohibition for the possession of firearms.
  • You must not be physically disabled in such a way that it can affect your handling of a firearm in the state.
  • You must not be a convict for the use of any substance under the regulation of the Drug Law Enforcement agency for at least one year before Wyoming concealed carry permit application.
  • You must not be mentally unstable or committed to a mental home before application.
  • You must not be a frequent user of alcohol in such a way that it affects your thinking faculties, and you have been admitted to a mental or rehabilitation facility for more than one year before application.
  • You must not be a legally incompetent individual.
  • You must not have any restraining or protection order from a court of law due to being a threat to someone.
  • You must not be guilty of any misdemeanor offense that has to do with violence within a year before your application.
  • You must not be a fugitive, or have an arrest warrant in your name.
  • You must not be a convict of any felony crime.
  • You must meet all federal law that has to do with the application of CCW permit.

How To Apply For CCW Permit In Wyoming.

Having met all Wyoming concealed carry permit requirements, you can then apply for your CCW permit.

The application processes you should follow are:

Complete A Firearm Training

First, make sure that you enroll for a firearm training, and this could also be a Wyoming concealed carry permit online course overseen by a state-certified instructor.

You must apply for only a state-approved program.

Complete The Application Form

Download the form from an online portal. Print out four copies and complete them.

Pay The Necessary Fee

You need first to collect a money order for the application fee from your county’s cashier desk.

The money will be payable to either the Department of Criminal Investigation or the state attorney general’s office.

Not that they will not accept cash, checks, and card payments.

Also, you have to pay a separate fee to your local sheriff.

Submit The Necessary Documents

After completing the application form, take it along with the following documents for submission at the county sheriff’s office.

  • A completed application form
  • Certificate or proof of firearm training.
  • Your photo identification card.
  • Your fingerprints card taken at the local county.

Visit the state Driver service office to take your permit photograph. You must do this not more than ten days after the application.

Receive Permit

The sheriff’s office will contact you to come and collect your permit after the processing period

Wyoming Concealed Carry FAQs.

Here are some frequently asked questions about concealed carry Wyoming?

For How Long Is My Wyoming Concealed Firearm Permit Valid?

Your permit is valid for five years, after which you have to apply for a renewal.

How Much Is CCW Permit Application In Wyoming?

An initial permit costs sixty-four dollars, while a renewal permit costs forty-five dollars.

There is also the sheriff’s fee, which might vary depending on the county of residence.

How Long Will It Take Me To Get My Wyoming CCW Permit?

The processing period for the permit is ninety days.

When Can I Apply For A Renewal Permit In Wyoming?

Application for renewal permit starts six months before the expiry date.

You also have grace until six months after the expiry date with a charge or ten dollars.

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