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Buying a concealed firearm in Arizona is not tricky. You do not have to go through many background checks. Neither, do you have to bother about registering your weapon.

There are certain things to be aware of before you get an Arizona concealed carry permit. Knowing these things will prevent you from getting into trouble.

Arizona is a shall-issue constitutional state. Hence you have to meet the requirements to get your permit. Easy Peasy!

Arizona Gun Laws

Arizona concealed carry law is lenient compared to other states’ laws in America. It covers both open and CCW.

For open carry, the age limit is 18, and for concealed carry, the age limit is 21.

Yet, Arizona gun laws still have discretion policies for reciprocity situations.

Both residents and non-residents can get Arizona concealed carry permits. But make sure you have completed the required training.

Arizona CCW Reciprocity

Arizona CCW reciprocity deals with other states cover guns and firearms. As long as the holder provides permits for them.

This permit provided could be from other states, as long as it’s legal.

How Does Arizona CCW Reciprocity Work?

Arizona is a liberal state that respects CCW permits from other states. Arizona concealed carry requirements demand that:

  • The person issued the CCW permit must be in present in Arizona
  • There is no previous prohibition of the person owning a weapon legally in Arizona.
  • The person should be 21 years old or more before getting a concealed weapon.
  • The person is not under any form of an indictment.
  • The person is not a convict

Arizona CCW Reciprocity Agreements

Arizona has a CCW reciprocity agreement with a lot of states.

About thirty-seven states accept the Arizona CCW permit. While Arizona accepts permits from 53 districts and states.

But does not accept CCW permits from 13 states.

Who Can Own Arizona Concealed Carry Permits?

The Arizona Department of Public Safety has stated that for concealed carry Arizona, you do not have to be a resident in the state.

However, this is not the same thing with the Arizona CCW permit.

People that have a permit from any state with a reciprocity deal with Arizona can use it. But it does not qualify as an Arizona concealed carry permit.

What Are The Requirements For Arizona CCW?

The Arizona Department of Public Safety will allow you to use the permit from other states until it expires.

But you should undergo the Arizona CCW permit application if you plan to become a resident of the state.

For residents or non-residents to apply for Arizona concealed carry permit, you need a previous license to ascertain your competency.

Other requirements include the following:

  • You must be legally living in America
  • You must have fully completed training from any approved Arizona Concealed carry classes
  • You do not have any ongoing legal charge against you
  • You are mentally stable
  • Every other Federal law requirements

What Is The Age Limit For Arizona CCW Application?

For Arizona concealed carry, the age limit is strictly 21. The law exempts visitors in the state that are below the age of 18,  from handling a gun.

But, there is an exception for military personnel that has been discharged and are above 19 years old.

As a visitor in Arizona, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the state’s terrains and jurisdiction. There are a lot of Indian reservations, and the Arizona Laws do not cover these places.

Most of them work with tribal laws. Hence Arizona concealed carry, and other gun laws may be different there.

What Places Are Off Limits For Arizona Concealed Carry?

There are a lot of rules and restrictions relating to concealed carry Arizona.

Let’s face it, right now there is an all-time high rate of 109 people dying per day from gun violence.

This means that it is rational that there are stringent laws against the handling of firearms and related weapons.

So, if you have a firearm in Arizona, here are the areas you are some prohibited areas to use them:


Even with Arizona CCW, you are not allowed to have a gun with you anywhere near school grounds. But, there are some exemptions.

Exemptions for Carrying weapons and guns around School Grounds

  • A person within the Arizona CWC age limit moving in a vehicle. In this situation, the weapon must have been previously unloaded and considered safe.

When exiting the vehicle, you must leave the weapon behind and keep it carefully.

  • A person within the Arizona CWC age limit that is visiting the school, for an event that requires the use of a gun.

The school management must have approved this. In this situation, do not load the gun before entering the school premises.

  • A Juvenile under the supervision of a guardian or a person with Arizona CWC permit. He or she must get approval from the management of the school.

The gun must also be empty and considered safe before entering the school premises.

Schools have the right to have their rules and regulations against guns and other types of firearms.

If anyone happens to not follow this law, the person will have to leave the school premises. The police can also arrest the individual for disturbing school operations.


You can carry your gun into a bar, but you are not allowed to handle your weapons while you are drinking alcohol in bars.

Hydroelectric Stations

Only peacekeeping officers have the right to handle guns around Nuclear plants and hydroelectric stations.

Other restrictions include:

  • Military Buildings
  • Indian reservations
  • Public and National parks
  • Prison Facilities
  • Government buildings
  • Universities vicinity
  • Airports

In most of these places, someone will show you where to keep the weapon until you are ready to vacate the building.

On no account should you refuse to submit your weapon in this situation. The police can arrest you for trespassing.

Finally, a concealed carry holder must remove their gun or any other weapon when asked to do so within the premises of a business or any other event.

Discharging a Gun/Firearm in Arizona

Concealed carry Arizona law prohibits a gun or firearm owner from using it in residential areas.  The following circumstances are exemptions to this law:

  • Shooting in ranged land that is under supervision
  • Shooting in places approved by the Arizona Games department
  • Using it for intruding wild animals. This is only with a CCW permit
  • Using it in a residential area having collected a license from the police chief.
  • Shooting as an animal control worker
  • Shooting it at a distance of 1m or more away from a residential building.
  • Shooting as a form of self-defense

How Can I Apply For Arizona Concealed Permit?

You need to complete these steps before an Arizona concealed carry application can be successful.

Meet All Qualification

Before you apply for concealed carry in Arizona, ensure that you meet all qualifications listed by the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Understand Arizona Laws

Read and understand Arizona laws that have to do with a concealed carry permit. The Department of Public Safety requires you to read Arizona Statue, Title 13 (chapters 4 & 31)

Complete Training Class

Complete an Arizona concealed carry class online, or any of the approved training.

Send Application Email

Send an email to Arizona concealed weapon Permit for the CCW application pack. They will give you the application form with multiple fingerprint cards.

Submit Form and Pay Fee

Fill the application form with required prints from your finger. Submit with an application fee and a certificate of training.

The fee for a new permit is $60. The cost for permit renewal is $43. The price for a replacement permit is $10

Receive Completion Email

You’ll receive an email if the application is successful.

Arizona Concealed Carry Class Online

To become a CWW permit holder, you must meet one of these Arizona concealed carry permit requirements:

  • The successful completion of any of Arizona concealed carry classes recognized by the Department of Public Safety.
  • The successful completion of any hunter course recognized by the Game and Fish Department in Arizona
  • The Successful completion of a training course that has to do with the National Rifle Association.
  • The successful completion of any Arizona concealed carry class online, organized by a qualified person from the Department of Public Safety or the National Rifle Association.
  • Proof that you are military personnel or you have been discharged from military training in the Nation’s armed force.
  • Proof of a legal permit from an approved training program in any state that has a reciprocity deal with Arizona, and
  • The successful completion of a training program organized by the government, with approval to handle firearms.

Privacy policy

The application and Arizona concealed carry permit is never made public by the state or the Department of Public Safety.

However,  law enforcement agencies use the DPS CCW permit record to verify that a person indeed has a permit for the possession of a firearm.

In situations of criminal detention and suspicious cases, the DPS will make the permit information accessible for an investigation to take place.

This will only happen after the state or federal government provides a court order.

Finally, the DPS is in charge of keeping Arizona CCW application statistics. They cumulate the number of applications, permits issued, licenses denied.

The DPS later reports these figures to the state government at the end of each year.

What Does Arizona Concealed Carry Class Entail?

A good Arizona concealed carry class must cover the primary requirements of the training. After which the Department can approve it of Public Safety.

Unfortunately, some of the concealed carry classes do not fulfill all these requirements.

This is why you need to know the essential things to cover before enrolling for one.

Some of them are:

  • Arizona self-defense law
  • Gun safety
  • Shooting skills and marksmanship
  • Live fire and dry fire training
  • Gun drawing
  • Attacking and defending shooting drills

What Is The Cost Of Arizona Online Class

Arizona CCW online class is usually between the range of $50-$100.

Concealed Arizona Carry FAQs

How Long Is Arizona CCW Permit Valid For?

For concealed carry Arizona, the permit is only valid for a period of 5 years after which you will have to renew it.

Before you get a new permit, the Department of Public Safety will check your criminal record.

What Is The Processing Time For Arizona CCW Permit?

You need to wait for 75 days after submitting an Arizona concealed carry permit application.

Is There A Non-resident Concealed Carry Permit?

In Arizona, the same process applies to get a CCW permit for both residents and non-residents.

How Can I Go About A Change Of Name And Address On A Permit?

To get a change of name and address for a CCW permit, make a printed copy of the name and address form from the permit unit.

You can submit the printed form with your new details. Note that there is a required fee for this.

What Can I Do If My Permit Is Missing?

Reach out to the sheriff of your municipality if you lose your permit, or it gets stolen.

How Soon Can I Apply For Arizona Concealed Carry Permit As A New Resident?

There is no time limit to apply for a gun permit in Arizona. You can apply whenever you are ready.

Is A Previous Permit From Another State Transferable?

No, it is not transferable. But, you can make use of the permit in Arizona as long as it is valid and pending the time that it expires.

You can also use your new permit to prove your competence when applying for Arizona concealed carry permit

Is A Concealed Carry Arizona Permit Valid In Another State?

The permit is valid and usable if you have done the name and address change before moving your residence.

What States Honor Reciprocity With Arizona?

  • Alabama
  • Delaware
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

What States Have Restricted Reciprocity With Arizona?

  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Michigan
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina

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