Louisiana allows the use of firearms in the state, and issues permit for concealed carry.

But there are also gun statues that control the open carry of firearms in the state.

Since the state does not have preemption gun laws yet, you must be familiar with the regulations in municipalities and counties too.

Louisiana Gun Law Summary

Louisiana issues concealed handgun permits in the state with the whole process conducted by the public safety department.

As a shall-issue state, the state requires that you meet all gun law provisions before you apply for a permit.

However, there are no issued permits to buy firearms in Louisiana. But the concealed firearm permit is still useful for this purpose because you will not have to undergo the NICS background check before completing the purchase.

The background check is compulsory for anyone that does not have a permit, as long as you are buying from a federally or state-licensed dealer.

Louisiana permit is only available for residents and members of the United States Armed Forces permanently stationed for duty in the state.

Non-residents permits are not available except those in the military that have a Louisiana state identification, either a driver’s license in the state or a state-issued ID card.

Other non-residents that want to possess firearms in Louisiana can only use permits issued by states that have reciprocity deals with Louisiana.

Is Open Carry Legal In Louisiana?

Yes. You can open carry in Louisiana, and you do not need a state permit to do so.

As long as you are at least eighteen years old, and you do not have any state or federal prohibition against possessing. Therefore, you can legally open carry in the state.

Open Carry Law In Louisiana

Louisiana is an open-carry state with permission to do so without a state permit.

However, there are location restrictions for places where you cannot possess or open carry a firearm in the state.

Presently, Louisiana does not have a preemption law. Therefore local municipalities can regulate the possession of firearms in their territory.

But from August 2020, the state will begin preemption of gun law.

There are also restrictions for the use of firearms and ammunition in the state,

Armor piercing ammunition and assault weapons are prohibited. They can only be allowed only if usage is by members of the military or law enforcement officers.

Louisiana Open Gun Law Quickview

Law/PolicyLong GunsHandgunsComments
State permit for open carry.NoNoLouisiana does not issue permits for open carry in the state.
Firearm registrations for open carry.NoNoThere are no requirements to register firearms in the state after purchase.
Assault weapon for open carry.NoNoLouisiana bans the possession of assault weapons like machine guns and semi-automatic firearms.
Magazine limitNoNoThe state gun statute does not limit the number of magazine rounds in the firearm.
License for the owner of a firearm.Not requiredNot requiredFirearms owners do not have any obligation to own a license before using a gun.
Red flag lawNoNoLouisiana does not have red flag laws in the state.
Castle doctrine lawYesYesCastle doctrine law is adopted in Louisiana, and you can stand your ground in home residence, place of work, or in your private vehicle.
Background check for private dealersNoNoThere are no state requirements to complete a criminal record background check before buying firearms in the state. Also, the transfer of firearms between family members does not require a background check 
PreemptionSoonSoonLouisiana will begin preemption of firearms in local municipalities from the first of august twenty-twenty. As of now, the state is not a preemption state.
Concealed carry permit.YesYesYou must have a concealed firearm permit before you conceal carry in Louisiana. With this permit, you do not have to undergo a criminal record check while buying a firearm in the state,
Concealed carry in personal vehicleYesYesYou can conceal carry in Louisiana as long as you have the concealed handgun permit in the state.  
Open carry in SchoolsNoNoOpen carry and possession of firearms in schools, colleges, universities, and institutions are prohibited in the state.

Where Is It Legal To Open Carry In Louisiana?

Louisiana gun laws do not restrict the open carry of firearms in the following areas of the state.

  • Restaurants and bars: You can open carry in the restaurant area as long as there is no post prohibiting the possession of firearms in the place.
  • Personal vehicle: You can open carry in your vehicle.
  • Roadside areas: You can open carry along roadsides in Louisiana.
  • State parks and forests: You can open carry in state parks, forest, and wildlife management areas.
  • Places of worship: You can possess your firearm in places of worship as long as you have permission to do so by those in authority.

Where Is It Illegal To Open Carry In Louisiana?

It is a violation of the state gun statute to open carry in the following places in Louisiana:

  • Schools: You cannot possess a firearm or open carry within school campuses or in school buses. The closest you can be to a school, with your firearm, is one thousand feet.
  • Law enforcement offices: You cannot open carry or possess firearms in law enforcement offices or any building used for their operations.
  • Prison: You cannot open carry in prison, jails, detention facility, or any correctional home in Louisiana.
  • Courthouses: You cannot open carry or possess your firearms in courthouses or during proceedings in a courtroom.
  • Polling unit: You cannot open carry in a polling unit during elections.
  • Government officials meeting: You cannot open carry in a meeting place, which could be any building or property, for government officials meeting.
  • State Capitol: You cannot open carry or possess your firearm in state capitol buildings.
  • State airports: You cannot open carry in any part of an airport where firearm possession is a prohibition. The only exception to this is if you are legally transporting a firearm in which case it must be encased.
  • Public activities: You cannot open carry in any carnival or public festivity approved by the government.
  • Private properties and buildings: You cannot open carry on private property that has a post restricting the possession of firearms, or any other property without the owner’s consent.
  • Bars and alcohol enterprises: You cannot open carry or possess your firearm in any enterprise that sells liquor for consumption on site.
  • Casinos and gaming centers: You cannot open carry in casinos in the state that has a license to carry out their operation with securing agents on site.
  • Prohibited places: You cannot open carry in any place prohibited by federal laws.

FAQ About Open Carry Louisiana

Some of Louisiana open carry most frequently asked questions includes the following:

Is It Compulsory To Apply For A Permit Before Open carry In Louisiana?

No. You do not need a permit before you open carry in Louisiana.

Do I Need A Permit To Conceal Carry In Louisiana?

Yes. You must obtain a concealed handgun permit before you conceal carry in Louisiana.

What Is The Age Requirement For Open Carry In Louisiana?

You must be at least eighteen years old and not have any state prohibition to use firearms, before you open carry in the state.

What Is The Age Requirement For Concealed Carry In Louisiana?

To apply for concealed carry in the state, you must be at least twenty-one years old.

What Is The Age Limit To Concealed Handgun Permit In Louisiana?

The age requirement to apply for concealed carry in Louisiana is twenty-one years old.

Does Louisiana Make Use Of Red Flag Law In The State?

No. The state gun statute does not say anything about a red flag law.

Is Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit Available For Non-residents Of The State?

No. Louisiana permit is for only residents and members of the military posted in the state.

For non-residents to possess firearms in the state, they must have a permit from a state that Louisiana reciprocates.

Is Louisiana A Constitutional Carry State?

No. Louisiana does not recognize open carry in the state.

Does Louisiana Allow The Open Carry Of Knives?

Yes. You can legally open and concealed carry knives in the state with exception to switchblades or an automatic knife.

However, while possessing a knife for open or concealed carry, you must respect all the state location restrictions for weapons.

In places like the city of Shreveport, you cannot possess firearms in any state-owned facility.

Does Louisiana Restrict Firearms In The State?

Yes. You cannot use assault weapons in Louisiana.

Must I Obtain A Purchase Permit Before Buying Firearms In Louisiana?

No. Louisiana does not issue a purchase permit for buying firearms in the state.

Must I Complete NICS Criminal Record Background Check Before Buying Firearms In Louisiana?

Yes. This is one of the requirements for buying a firearm in the state.

The only time you are not required to complete the check is if you are buying from a private dealer or you already have the state’s firearm permits.

When Will My Louisiana Firearm Permit Expire?

Louisiana concealed handgun permit is valid for five years after which you must apply for a renewal permit.

Must I Inform A Law Enforcement Officer About My Possession Of Firearms In The State?

Yes. The state gun statute required that you notify a law enforcement officer if you are with a firearm.

Does Louisiana Have A Castle Doctrine Policy?

Yes. Louisiana has castle doctrine policy in the state, with permission to stand your ground in the face of an attack when you are in your home of residence, business place, or workplace.

Is The Use Of Deadly Force Permitted In Louisiana?

Yes. In Louisiana, while exercising the castle doctrine policy or during self-defense, you can use a deadly force.

It is lawful to prevent a forcible crime or felony on your property. 

Also, the force you use in this situation must be necessary or reasonable for the crime committed.

Must I Undergo A Firearm Training Before Applying For Open Carry In Louisiana?

Yes. The state requires that every applicant for concealed carry firearms must undergo a licensed state training conducted by a certified instructor.

Is It Compulsory To Register Firearms In Louisiana?

No, there is no need for firearm registration in Louisiana.

Relevant Open Carry Law And Legislature In Louisiana

Louisiana gun statutes related to open carry in the state includes the following:

Ammunition Restriction

Section forty of the state gun law statutes prohibit the use of armored piercing ammunition in the state.

Preemption Laws

Louisiana will preempt gun laws in the state, including those related with open carry, from the beginning of August twenty-twenty.

Before this period, local municipalities have the authority to control and regulate the use of firearms within their territory.

Brandishing Of Firearms

Louisiana bans negligent handling of firearms in the state, especially in such a way that the firearm is handled in a dangerous manner, which causes apprehension or suggests that a crime is about to be committed.

Possession Of Firearms While Under The Influence

You cannot possess a firearm or open carry in bars, places for the consumption of alcohol, or while under the influence.

Under the influence, according to Louisiana statutes is if the blood alcohol concentration is more than 0.05.

For drugs or other controlled substances, blood and urine tests will confirm if the person is under the influence or not.

Open Carry While Hunting In Louisiana

Open carry during hunting is legal in Louisiana. Also, while bow hunting, you can make use of any caliber of firearm.

Louisiana also has hunter harassment laws for the protection of such activity within the state.

Nobody, in the state, shall involve in activities, on wildlife and in waters owned by the government or private individuals, where a license for hunting activities is available to carry out the following:

  • Disturb lawful hunting of wildlife animals by hunters, or aquatic animals by fishermen, to prevent the taking of such animals.
  • Disturbing animals in the wild by engaging in activities or erecting a barrier that will affect animal behaviors is such a way that interferes with hunting.
  • Disturb any hunter or fisherman that is lawfully carrying out his or her activity with the intention to dissuade or discourage them from carrying out such activity.
  • Trespass of any wildlife or aquatic body with the intention to violate any section of the hunter harassment law.
  • Trespass on any unnavigable water body that is privately owned, with the intention to hunt any animal without gaining permission from the landowner.

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