New Hampshire has a shall-issue policy on CCW overseen by the local law enforcement agency.

To apply, you must meet all the requirements and state a good reason for possessing a firearm.

This could be a fear of death or serious bodily injury or any other valid reason.

Reasons like, hunting, range shooting, and self-defense are also considered an excellent purpose to possess a CCW.

The local law enforcement agency has the discretion to either accept or reject your application.

New Hampshire Gun Laws

You can conceal in New Hampshire with the state’s Pistol/Revolver License that serves as the CCW permit.

Unlike many other states in the country, New Hampshire concealed carry policies aren’t stringent.

They issue a concealed carry permit to both residents and non-residents of the state.

Make sure that you meet all the application requirements and complete a firearm training course before you apply for the New Hampshire CCW permit.

New Hampshire Reciprocity

In terms of reciprocity, New Hampshire is one of the states that run on a permitless policy. You are allowed to conceal carry as long as you meet the minimum age requirement of eighteen.

Other aspects of New Hampshire reciprocity include the following:

  • States that New Hampshire will accept their CCW permit: It doesn’t matter what state you are from, New Hampshire will allow you conceal carry with or without a permit, as long as you are more than eighteen years old. However, the state still issues both residents and non-resident permits.
  • States that will honor New Hampshire CCW permit: In these states, you can conceal carry with a permit issued by New Hampshire. There are three of them. In Oklahoma, you do not need a New Hampshire CCW permit to conceal carry. You can do so with a state-issued driver’s license or identification card.
  • States that have restricted reciprocity with New Hampshire: New Hampshire issues both residents and non-residents permits. But these states will only honor a resident-only permit. Also, you must be at least twenty-one years old before you can conceal carry in these states.
  • States that run on a permitless policy: Just like it is in New Hampshire, you can conceal carry without a permit in these states. So if you are a resident of New Hampshire, you do not need to be with your permit before you can possess a firearm. There are thirteen of them.

Every state has its gun law and restriction. Even if a state allows you to conceal carry with a New Hampshire permit, you must still understand the restrictions stated by gun laws in these states.

New Hampshire Location Restriction

New Hampshire permitless policy does not give you the right to conceal carry everywhere.

Even with a CCW permit, these areas are off-limits for you, and you cannot possess your firearms there.

The only exceptions to these laws are members of law enforcement officers, peace officers, and members of the military.

Places Where You Cannot Conceal Carry In New Hampshire

  • You cannot conceal carry within the premises of a courtyard and during a court proceeding. This includes offices used by the judges and other private areas of the courthouse.
  • You cannot conceal carry within the premises of a school, college, university, or technical institution.
  • You cannot conceal carry in school buses or vehicles used for the transportation of school students.
  • You cannot conceal carry within the premises of a prison or state detention facilities.
  • You cannot conceal carry in private buildings or properties that have a post prohibiting the possession of firearms within their premises.
  • You cannot conceal carry in a recreational vehicle that is off the highway. This includes cars that are towed away from the highway. If you are with your firearm in these situations, it must be safe and kept out of sight.
  • You cannot conceal carry in places that are limited by federal laws.

Places Where You Can Conceal Carry In New Hampshire

Contrary to some misconceptions or opinions of some people, gun laws in New Hampshire do not restrict conceal carrying in the following places.

  • Restaurants and Bars: You can conceal carry in restaurants and bars in the state.
  • Private Vehicles: You can conceal carry in private vehicles as long as you have your New Hampshire CCW permit.
  • Roadsides: You can conceal carry along roadsides and in rest areas.
  • Parks and forest: You can conceal carry in national and state parks and forests, as well as wildlife management areas.
  • Places of Worship: New Hampshire gun laws do not restrict the possession of firearms in places of worship. However, places of worship are also private properties. If they have signage prohibiting the possession of firearms on their premises, then you cannot conceal carry there.

Conceal Carry For Law Enforcement Officers In New Hampshire

Location restrictions in New Hampshire limit law enforcement officers. They are allowed to conceal carry in every jurisdiction of the United States of America as long as they meet all the requirements to do so.

This is according to the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Acts for active, out of service for a good course, and retired officers.

Hence they cannot be limited by states or local laws in the country.

In New Hampshire, the Police Standard and Training Council are in charge of enforcing these laws.

Out of service and retired officers must undergo a firearm training and qualification course twice.

Once the retired officer has completed such training, he or she will get a certificate.

With this, the officer can conceal carry without restriction in the state.

Buying And Selling Of Firearms In New Hampshire

Before dealing with firearms in New Hampshire, you must understand the requirements and what laws in the state say about this.

Some of the things you should know include the following: 

Firearms Purchasing Permits And Handgun Registration

New Hampshire does not issue a purchasing permit before you can buy a firearm.

Even your New Hampshire CCW permit counts for little when you want to buy a firearm.

Also, there are no handgun registrations required in the state.

Purchasing Permits Background Checks

If you are buying your firearm from a private seller, then you may not have to undergo a criminal record background check.

However, this is not the case for state and federal licensed sellers. You must also meet other requirements before completing a sale.

Make sure that you keep your receipt after purchasing a firearm in New Hampshire.

This will come in handy when you want to claim ownership of your firearm.

Waiting Period For The Purchase Of Firearms In New Hampshire

There is no waiting period for completing the purchase of a firearm in New Hampshire.

Age Requirement For The Purchase Of Firearm In New Hampshire

You must be at least eighteen years old before buying, selling, transporting, or transferring firearms in New Hampshire.

Possession Of Firearm On Private Properties

Because of the New Hampshire permitless policy, you can possess a firearm in your home of residence or any other private property.

Castle Doctrine In New Hampshire:

Just like many other states in America, New Hampshire adopts the castle doctrine policy.

This law allows you to stand your ground with no duty to retreat when faced with an unlawful or felony attack in your dwelling place.

However, an attack is not justifiable under the castle doctrine policy in the following situations:

  • If you can retreat from the situation, an exception to this is if you have the right to be where you are.
  • If you are not the invoker or initial aggressor of the situation.
  • Comply with the demands of the intruder, in which case, there will be no need to use a deadly force that can lead to death or severe injury.
  • You are not allowed to use excessive force If your life or that of a third person you are protecting is not in danger for any reason.

New Hampshire CCW Requirements

You must meet New Hampshire concealed carry permit requirements before you can apply for the pistol/revolver license.

The requirements include the following:

  • You must be at least eighteen years old before New Hampshire concealed carry permit application.
  • You must be a legal citizen of the United States of America.
  • You must not be a fugitive or have an arrest warrant in your name.
  • You must not be a convicted felon.
  • You must not be mentally or physically impaired.
  • You must pass a New Hampshire concealed carry permit class.
  • You must not be a narcotic or user of illicit substances that are under the control of drug enforcement agencies in the state.
  • You must not have a court protection order in your name.
  • You must provide three references with their names and addresses.
  • You must provide your driver’s license number.
  • You must not have a court order restricting you from the possession of firearms.
  • You must not be under parole or probation.
  • You must not be a convict for any violent related crime.
  • You must meet all federal laws of the state that have to do with issuing CCW permits.

How To Apply For CCW Permit In New Hampshire

After meeting all requirements for CCW application, the next step is undergoing the process of the application itself.

This includes the following:

Complete A Firearm Training Course

First and foremost, make sure that you complete New Hampshire concealed carry permit class as per the USCCA recommendation for armed civilians in America.

Complete Application Form

Download and complete the application form. You can also visit your local county to pick it up.

Submit Necessary Documents

Take the application form to a law enforcement office closest to your place of residence. This could be the mayor’s office, a local police chief office or the county Sheriff’s office

If you are applying for a non-resident permit, submit at the permits and license unit of the state police department at thirty-three Hazen Drive, Concord, NH 03305.

Other documents to provide are driver’s licenses and three reference forms.

Receive Approval Notification

You will get a notification by mail stating if your application is denied or accepted.

Note that the New Hampshire application process does not include the use of a fingerprint or a photograph.

How To Apply For New Hampshire CCW Permit Renewal.

You can commence your renewal application one month before the expiry date of your initial application.

The process includes the following:

Download The Renewal Application

Visit an online portal and download the renewal application. The application is available for both residents and non-residents.

Submit The Necessary Documents

Submit your completed application form alongside your driver’s license and the three reference forms to a local law enforcement agency.

If you are a non-resident, submit to the same address you used for the application of the initial permit.

Receive Notification Mail.

You will get a notification mail if your renewal application is accepted.

New Hampshire Concealed Carry FAQs.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about CCW in New Hampshire.

How Long Is A New Hampshire Permit Valid?

The permit is valid for five years.

How Long Will It Take Me To Get My New Hampshire CCW Permit?

The processing time for both the permit application and renewal application is two weeks.

How Much Is New Hampshire CCW Permit Application?

The price for CCW permits is different for residents and non-residents. Ten dollars and a hundred dollars, respectively.

What Should I Do If I Lost My New Hampshire CCW Permit?

For stolen or lost permits, write a letter to the state police department as soon as you realize that your permit is missing.

A duplicate permit will be issued to you. The permit costs three dollars.

How Soon Can I Apply For A New Hampshire Permit After Moving To The State?

You can make a New Hampshire concealed carry permit application as soon as you have a driver’s license or state identification card.

Can I Apply For New Hampshire Non-Resident Permit?

New Hampshire issues both residents and non-residents permit, and the application process is the same.

Is It Legal To Buy Other CCW In New Hampshire?

Yes. There is no law against the possession of CCW like knife and pepper spray.

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