AOSION-Camping Shower Tent Pop Up Changing Room with Carrying Bag

The AOSION-Camping Shower Tent Pop Up Changing Tent Portable Shower for Camping is a great way to enjoy some privacy while you’re on the go. With a 2 person capacity, this shower tent is large enough to accommodate two people. The tent is made of durable steel and water-resistant fabric, and features four openable windows for increased ventilation. The shower bag is included to provide added comfort during your shower and changing sessions.

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  • The product is a portable, waterproof shower tent that can be used as an outhouse, shower, or changing room.
  • It is extra tall (measuring 74.8 inches high, 42.7 inches long, and wide), making it ideal for stretching out comfortably.
  • The tent has three openable windows for increased breathability and we’ve included a shower bag to provide additional comfort when showering and changing.
  • Made of UPF 40 & waterproof material, the tent blocks up to 80% of harmful ultraviolet rays.


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  • High Enough For One Adult Comfortable Standing In It
  • Good Addition To Our Camping Gear
  • Hanging String For Clothes
  • Window And Opening From The Top


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