ATN OTS-XLT Compact Lightweight Thermal Viewer

The ATN OTS-XLT is a compact, lightweight thermal viewer that is perfect for use in harsh environments. With its ergonomic design, it is perfect for use by professionals or anyone who needs a reliable, durable thermal viewer. It has a heat tracking feature that allows you to easily find hot spots on your equipment, making it ideal for use in industrial settings. The OTS-XLT also features ultra low power consumption, making it perfect for use in remote locations.

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  • The ATNOtsxlt is a compact, ergonomically designed device that can be used for both still image and video recording.
  • It has a lightweight design with ultra low power consumption.
  • The heat tracking feature allows the user to see where the infrared light is focused on an object so they know exactly what part of the subject is being recorded.
  • This viewer also features adjustable focus control which will allow you to get closer or further away from your subject without changing lenses.


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