ATN IR850 Supernova Infrared Illuminator

The ATN IR850 Supernova Infrared Illuminator is perfect for hunting, fishing, or any other outdoor activity. With its four modes of operation, this infra red illuminator will provide you with the best lighting conditions for your needs. This infra red illuminator is built to last and is waterproof to IPX8 standards.

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  • The ATN IR850 Supernova is a superlongrangereflectorwithledtechnology.
  • Ithasa highpowerinfraredLEDthatcanilluminateobjectsforvisiblelight.
  • Therefractorymetalhousingmakesitdurableandwaterresistant.
  • Therearefourbrightnessmodeoptions(LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH, EXTREME)tochoosefrom.


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