Bianchi 5BHL Thumbsnap Holster 3 Inch

The Bianchi 5BHL Thumbsnap Holster is perfect for those who are looking for a reliable and affordable holster that will provide years of use. This thumb snap holster features an integral thumb snap that provides enhanced retention, while the hand boning ensures a precise, contoured fit. With a high ride design, this holster will keep your gun secure and out of sight.

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  • The Bianchi 5BHL Thumbsnap Holster has an integral thumb snap for enhanced retention.
  • It also features hand boning for a precise, contoured fit.
  • This holster has a high ride to provide comfort when carrying your gun.
  • Finally, it comes with 1.75″ (45mm) and 2.25″ (58mm) belt slots.


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  • Comes With A Thumb Snap For Enhanced Retention
  • Hand Boning For Precise Fit
  • High Ride
  • Spacious


  • May Be Too Snug For Some People