Blackhawk SERPA Sportster Level 2 Right Hand Gray Gun Holster

The Blackhawk SERPA Sportster Level 2 Right Hand Gray Gun holster is perfect for those who are looking for a reliable and secure way to carry their firearm. This holster features a padded nylon shoulder strap, adjustable two-way front snap, and a rear hook and loop closure. With the included paddle platform, this holster can be worn on either side of your body.

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  • The Blackhawk SERPA Sportster is a handgun holster that supports civilian concealed carry or range use.
  • Made with traditional polymer, this injection molded holster features the same dependable SERPA technology but is tailored for low threat civilian operation.
  • Law enforcement and military personnel should use the original SERPA CQC Holster for high threat level operations.
  • Includes paddle platform only
  • Speed cut design allows rapid draw, target acquisition, and reholster while keeping eyes on target.


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