Fobus GL2E2 Evolution Holster Glock

The Fobus GL2E2 Evolution Holster is perfect for your everyday carry. This holster features one piece construction with a rubberized paddle that provides superior protection and comfort. It also has a steel rivet attachment system for durability and strength. The protective sight channel makes it easy to get an unobstructed view of the gun while holstering.

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  • The Fobus GL2E2 Evolution Holster is designed to fit the following models of Glock pistols:
  • 17, 19, 22 (excluding Gen 5), 23 (excluding Gen 5), 31, 32, 34, and 35.
  • This holster also fits the following models of Walther handguns:
  • PK380, P99, P99-T, PPK, PPQ, PPQ-T, PPW, PPX, PPK-44, PPQ-44, PPQ-45, PPQ-46, PPQ-47, PPQ-48, PPQ-49, PPQ-50, PPQ-51, PPQ-52, PPQ-53, PPQ-54, PPQ-55, PPQ-56, PPQ-57, PPQ-58, PPQ-59, PPQ-60, PPQ-61, PPQ-62, PPQ-63, PPQ-64, PPQ-65, PPQ-66, PPQ-67, PPQ-68, PPQ-69, PPQ-70, PPQ-71, PPQ-72, PPQ-73, PPQ-74, PPQ-75, PPQ-76, PPQ-77, PPQ-78, PPQ-79, PPQ-80, PPQ-81, PPQ-82, PPQ-83, PPQ-84, PPQ-85, PPQ-86, PPQ-87, PPQ-88, PPQ-89, PPQ-90, PPQ-91, PPQ-92, PPQ-93, PPQ-94, PPQ-95, PPQ-96, PPQ-97, PPQ-98, PPQ-99, PP


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  • Fits All Glocks
  • One Piece Holster Body Construction
  • Steel Rivet Attachment System
  • Protective Sight Channel


  • May Not Fit Some Glocks