Vantage 30 WA Riflescope 1.5-6×44 IR

The Vantage 30 WA IR Riflescope is a high-quality, durable riflescope that is perfect for hunting and shooting sports. With its multi-colored lens, this scope will give you the best view of your target. The Vantage 30 WA IR Riflescope features a quick-detachable mount system so you can easily swap out different reticles to suit your needs.

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  • The Hawke Vantage WAIR1.5-6x44Riflescope30mmis a versatile scope designed for both recreational shooting as well as competitive sport.
  • It features a widefield optical system that provides a large FoV (Field Of View).
  • This allows users to take full advantage of their surroundings while still being able to spot potential targets.
  • In addition, this particular model includes a rheostat controlled illuminator that offers 5 different intensities.
  • Finally, the riflescope is waterproof and shockproof with nitrogen purged optics to prevent fogging or misting.


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