IMI Z1330 Defense Polymer Holster Punisher

The IMI-Z1330 IMI Defense Polymer Roto Right Hand Paddle Holster is perfect for any gun enthusiast who wants to keep their firearm secure and out of the hands of thieves or children. This holster features a detachable mag pouch that allows you to easily swap out mags when needed. It also has a rotatable design that makes it easy to use and store.

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  • The IMI Z1330 IMI Defense Polymer Roto Right Hand Paddle Holster is designed to fit the CZ 75/75B COMPACT/75B OMEGA 9mm/.40 caliber pistols.
  • It has a retention mechanism that uses a polymer shell to hold the gun in place.
  • The holster also features a rotational design that allows it to rotate 360 degrees for every application.
  • This product is made in Israel and comes with a free rail and protective sight channel.


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  • Fits CZ 75/75B Compact And Omega Pistols
  • Can Be Used For A Variety Of Purposes
  • Can Be Worn In The Shower Or While Swimming
  • Can Be Hung On Wall Or Portrait-style


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