Liberty Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer (Size 17-18)

The Liberty Safe Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer is perfect for organizing your guns and important documents. This stylish and functional product attaches to the inside of the door panel to expand storage capacity and maximize shelf space. It features four pistol pockets that are perfect for storing your pistols and other valuables. The mesh storage pocket is perfect for storing other items such as knives, tubes, or other accessories. The quick draw holster makes it easy to access your weapons quickly and easily. The document protector provides extra protection for your documents.

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  • The product is a door panel only.
  • It attaches to an existing door panel using the provided hardware.
  • There are four pistol pockets and one mesh storage pocket.
  • This product also comes with a document protector.
  • Finally, the clip system makes it easy to install.


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