Black+Decker Rat Traps Indoor & Outdoor

The BLACK+DECKER Rat Trap is an innovative and easy-to-set system that requires no complicated setup, toxic glues, chemical sprays or other harmful methods. Simply place the bait on the platform and wait for the animal to trip the trigger, thereby closing the door and safely containing the animal until you are ready for compassionate release. The sturdy carry handle with cover makes it easy to transport and store, while the integrated solid steel metal cover protects against contact with animals.

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  • The product is made of heavyduty steel with protective coating.
  • It includes a builtin handle for easy portability and integrated solid steel metal cover to block contact with animal during transit
  • The product is ultra compact and lightweight making it perfect for trapping and transporting a variety of species indoors or outdoors
  • It comes fully assembled and ready to use


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