Safariland Restraints Oversized Steel Hinge Handcuff

The Safariland Restraints Oversized Steel Hinge Handcuff is a high quality handcuff that is perfect for use in any situation. With its 17% larger size, it is perfect for use on large or extra large suspects. The 3-retaining bar system provides maximum security while the back loading design allows for quick cuffing. The reinforced steel swivel adds strength and durability to this handcuff.

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  • The Safariland Restraint Oversize Steel Hinge Handcuff has a unique design that is different from other handcuffs on the market.
  • It features a hinged body with positive swing through action and three retainer bars to ensure maximum security.
  • This handcuff also comes equipped with built in “back loading” which allows officers to easily cuff their subjects.
  • Finally, this restraint uses reinforced steel swivel connectors for increased durability.


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