Sticky Holster Kel tec Similar Barrel

The Sticky Holster is perfect for carrying your gun on the go. This holster is easy to use and comes with a lifetime warranty. It can be used with any pistol, including the Sig P238, Ruger LC9, Kel-tec P32, and similar models.

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  • The Sticky Holster is designed to securely fasten to a variety of different types of clothing.
  • It features a nonslip grip that makes it easy to hold onto during high stress situations.
  • The stickiness of the holster allows for a secure attachment to most surfaces including fabrics, skin, and even metal.
  • The foam padding inside the holster helps mold to the shape of the gun and protect the weapon from damage.


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  • Quick Draw
  • Comfortable
  • Attached To Waistband
  • Securely Fastened


  • May Not Be Suitable For All Firearms