Terad3 Blox Killing Rats and Mice

The Bell Labs TERAD3 Blox is a weatherable, battery-operated mouse trap that is perfect for keeping mice out of your home. The trap features a Vitamin D3 and Cholecalciferol blend that is designed to be safe for use on birds of prey. The 4-pound weight ensures that the device will stay in place while you’re using it. The trap is made from a weatherable plastic that is resistant to impact and abrasion.

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  • TERAD3 BLOX with Vitamin D3 kills anticoagulantresistant rats and mice
  • It also poses low toxicity to birds
  • With BLOX, bait translocation is also reduced
  • TERAD3 BLOX has a broad label which makes it an excellent choice for controlling rodents at agricultural and animal production facilities, warehousing and food processing plants, as well as for commercial and residential accounts.


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  • Kills Rats And Mice
  • Safe For Humans And Pets
  • No Aversion To Product Like Other Pesticides


  • May Not Be As Effective Against Some Types Of Rodents