Truglo BDC Crossbowx 40mm Velocity

The Truglo Opti-Speed 1-4 x 24mm Velocity Calibrated BDC Crossbow is a great choice for those who are looking for a reliable and affordable crossbow. This bow features a durable construction with an adjustable draw weight system that allows you to adjust the draw weight to your preference. With its unique design, this bow will give you years of use.

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  • The TruGlo OptiSpeed 1 4 x 24 mm Velocity Calibrated BDC Crossbow Scope has a glass etched reticle that uses illumination on the fine cross hairs.
  • This bowstring release allows for accurate bolt drop compensation (BDC) from 20 70yards.
  • The speed calibrated magnification system scales the reticle and target image to match bolt velocity (250 450FPS).
  • An adjustable Rheostat brightness control and a wide Field Of View gives a Clear And Quick Target Acquisition .


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