Tulster Glock TLR 6 Holster Profile

The Tulster IWB Profile Holster is perfect for concealed carry. This holster comes with a quick clip that makes it easy to put on and take off your weapon, as well as an adjustable cant that allows you to find the perfect angle. It also features a full sweat shield to protect against scratches or scuffs, and an adjustable positive retention point for added security.

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  • The Tulster IWB profile holster has minimal to no drag until retention point.
  • It comes with a quick clip that makes it extremely fast and easy to put on and take off your weapon.
  • The forward hole is oblong to allow for you to choose any angle between 0
  • You can adjust the cant (angle) of the holster from 0
  • There is also an adjustable positive retention point.
  • The raised sight channel of The profile Holster accommodates after market sights.
  • The full sweatshield protects The firearm from The elements.


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  • Minimal To Zero Drag Until Retention Point
  • Quick Clip
  • Full Sweat Shield
  • Positive Retention Point


  • May Not Fit All Pistols