Universal Vehicle Pistol Conceal Holster

The Zhizhong Universal Pistol Conceal Holster is perfect for carrying your favorite pistol in a variety of places. It fits most small and medium sized handguns, including Glocks, S&W’s, Ruger’s, Kahr’s, Colt’s, Taurus’s, Springfield XD series, Beretta’s, and more. The snap button on the retention strap is strong enough that it won’t fail. The two strap mounts are 63 inches long, one is 1 inch wide, the other is 2 inch wide, each strap comes with 2 slides adjusters to help your holsters from sliding. Mount anywhere for concealed carry. Mount anywhere in your vehicle:under seat, beside seat, under steering wheel column, on visor panel, etc.

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  • Fits most car, truck, suv, and other pistols.
  • Uses a snap button retention strap.
  • Adjustable two strap mounts.
  • Can be mounted in any location in the vehicle.


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  • Fits Most Glocks, S&W, CZ, US, HK, Titan, etc.
  • Can Be Carried In Either Hand
  • Made Of High Quality Materials
  • Designed For Easy Use


  • May Not Fit All Handguns