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The Best 45 70 Reloading Dies

ON SALE!Rank 1
RCBS 3-Die Set (.45-70 U.S. Government)
  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Hunting Reloading Dies
  • Another quality Bushnell product
  • For straight-wall rifle and pistol cases
  • Sizing and expanding (belling) are done in separate dies
  • Made from case hardened steel
  • Precision-drilled and reamed to the same exacting standards...
  • Full-Length Sizer Dies for bottleneck cases have vents to...
ON SALE!Rank 2
Hornady 546566 DIESET 3 45-70 GOVT Government Custom Grade...
  • Includes easy access die box, full-length size die, seating...
  • New Zip Spindle design
  • Wrench flats on Sure-Loc Lock rings
  • Elliptical expander polished to a smooth finish
Rank 4
LEE PRECISION 45/70 3 Die Steel
  • Package quantity: 1
  • Package weight: 1.3 lb
  • No batteries required
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS
ON SALE!Rank 5
LEE PRECISION 90264 Classic Loader.45-70 Government
  • Cartridge: .45-70 government
  • Material: steel loader parts and plastic powder dipper
  • Complete instructions
  • Includes everything needed to reload 45/70 Government
  • Please note: the Classic Lee Loader neck sizes only
  • This is not recommended for semi, pump and lever action guns