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The Best BB Gun Pistol

Buyer's Guide

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide For BB Gun Pistols

A low-cost alternative to a real firearm is a BB pistol. If you don't have access to a gun range, you may still practice target aiming using a variety of models that mimic the feeling of a genuine pistol. These BB guns use CO2 to drive steel BB bullets. Some semi-automatic guns include a magazine that may be put into the handle. With increasing temperature, CO2's performance is enhanced. CO2 cannons are most effective when the temperature is over 60 degrees. This guide will walk you through the

What are BB Pistol Guns?

One of the most common BB gun types is the BB gun pistol which is designed to shoot BB-sized pellets, the same size as lead birdshot BB used in shotguns. It's not uncommon for modern BB guns to have smoothbore barrels with a caliber of around 4.5mm (0.177in) and to utilize steel balls with diameters of 4.3–4.4mm (0.171–0.173in) and weighs 0.33–0.35g. Some manufacturers continue to produce slightly larger conventional lead pellets that weigh roughly 0.48–0.50 grams, which are often used in BB gun pistol barrels.

Types of BB Gun Pistols


The spring-powered kind uses a large coil spring to generate its power. To operate this item, one must first pull the spring by elevating the handle or shattering the barrel. As soon as the barrel depresses this lever, the piston is squeezed by a spring that has been released. The piston compresses the air and uses it to propel the plastic ammunition to the barrel. Pros: PCP guns are normally more expensive, but a single-shot, self-sufficient type like this one is a lot less expensive. Cons: Spring-loaded guns can be heavy, have recoil when shot, and be difficult to manage for some individuals, making them unsuitable. It's ideal for those who are capable of hitting their mark.


The number of shots you get out of a CO2 canister depends on the temperature. The higher the temperature, the more gunfire you receive. Blowback action is a wonderful addition to several CO2-powered BB gun handguns. To prepare for the next round, the slide of a blowback BB pistol is forced back by gas pressure when fired. This enhances the pistols’ gunshots steam and adds to its appeal. Carbon dioxide gas is used to power CO2 weapons. It's common for this type of CO2 gas to be purchased as disposable capsules or in bulk via big bottles. It is possible to fire many shots at once using a rotating magazine in many CO2 variants. Pros: One-use CO2 bulbs can be used in the pistol by the shooter. Additionally, the gun is a multi-shot weapon, making it great for plinking. Cons: If you want to use the pistol frequently, the bulbs required by the handgun might be pricey. As a result, the cannon is unusable in cold/snowy weather conditions since the temperature affects carbon dioxide pressure.


An internal air pump powers this air pistol's operation. Pump handle and barrel breakage must be used to press air out of the barrel in addition to making use of the device. To fire a pellet through a barrel, shooters must first squeeze the trigger to release a puff of air. Pros: In comparison to Pre-charged pneumatic, this is a less expensive and more self-sufficient option. It has the same level of accuracy as a PCP and does not have a recoil. Cons: Those who are smaller than average may find the gun's pump mechanism difficult to use. There are no multi-shot variants of this kind, and the cocking attempts that piece makes may disrupt a shooter's posture.

Pre-charged Pneumatic

Compressed air is what powers pre-charged pressurized pistols or PCPs as they're more often known. They have a working pressure range of 2320-2900 pounds per square inch, as well as the air that powers the weapon is held in a cylinder under the weapon's barrel. The gun's design determines how much air the cylinder can hold, ranging from 30 to 170 rounds. There's an air relief valve that opens when you press down on the trigger, which releases part of the gun's pressure. The pellet then travels down the barrel as a result of this movement. Pros: Doesn't flinch at all. A forceful reset of the gun will not interfere with the ability of shooters to maintain high levels of accuracy. In addition, it weighs less than spring-loaded variants and may be loaded with magazines. Cons: Even the basic models are among the priciest in the group. High-pressure air charging necessitates additional equipment. A high-pressure air stirrup pump intended for refilling BB guns or even 232-300 bar SCUBA cylinders may be used to charge the air.

Factors to Consider When Before Buying a BB Pistol

You may also call them air pistols, BB guns, or pellet weapons in the market or lifestyle. Propellant-charged weapons are the most common type on the market today; nevertheless, BB guns employ pressurized air or gas to shoot. This article will go into further detail on the many varieties of BB gun pistols.

Intended Use of the Gun

It is possible to utilize the BB gun in a number of ways. Small-game hunters love it since it can be used to take down the prey they're after. Insect control may also be done with the handgun. For larger prey, a BB gun rifle may be a better choice than a BB gun pistol. The majority of people are purchasing BB gun pistols in order to practice shooting in public places like bars and clubs. Gun fans have a new activity to get excited about: BB gun competitions. There are several BB gun pistols developed expressly for hunting, so choose one that is appropriate for your preferred shooting location. A variable flow rate piece can be necessary, for example, if you wish to aim at something within 15 yards of your target. CO2 versions perform better at 20 yards than break barrel variants, which may travel as far as 35 yards. PCP gun versions can be used at ranges longer than the ones listed above since they can go as far as 60 yards.

Quality of the Trigger

According to its intended usage, this pistol is available at a variety of pricing points with varying responsiveness to the trigger. The majority of air pistol triggers are pre-set at 3 pounds of draw weight and can be fine-tuned to 1 to 1.5 lbs of pull weight. Match parts with match triggers, on the other hand, can be used if you prefer a lighter draw and are looking for matching pieces with match triggers.

Set of Features

Every shooter has to know what attributes a certain model has because it might limit your selections. Every sort of air cannon has its own unique set of qualities. Compared to other types of vehicles, PCP models typically have more features, such as customizable power, greater power levels, and a wide range of stock choices. Regardless, gun collectors will find a wide variety of features to choose from. Many versions of spring BB guns are available in a variety of calibers, while others are limited to only one or two. The calibers of springs and air ram guns can range from.25 to.177, depending on the model and the exact piece. There are models referred to as brake barrel models, while others are under-lever types, and certain sections are greater in weight than others.


It's a good idea to keep the intended purpose of a spring gun in mind when purchasing a piece. Greater authority means cocking faster and louder, so don't get one that has more than you need to do your work. Power levels affect scope prices, so don't pick one that has too much. As a result, be careful while selecting a power level.

Fit & Finish

Despite the fact that the aesthetics and general look of a piece have no bearing on how well or efficiently a gun fires, this influence on a buyer's selection still exists. This element includes the stock's shape, bluing value, and more.


Depending on your preferred shooting range, you should look for an air pistol that is particularly made for hunting. To fire something inside 15 yards, for example, you may require a pump component with variable pressure. CO2 variants are better suited for 20-yard ranges, whereas break barrel guns may reach 35 yards. PCP gun versions can be used at ranges longer than the ones listed above since they can go up to 60 yards.

Other Essential Items That Go With Your BB Pistol


The topic of BB gun optics may seem frightening and difficult to a novice, but scopes are an essential aspect of a handgun, and you need to become familiar with its workings. In this scenario, we'll use the 4 x 32 range as an example to show how scopes function. The 4 in the calculation reflects the number of times the object gets closer after being spotted via the scope. The objective lens, often known as the front lens, has a diameter of 32 millimeters. The bigger the scope's objective lenses, the brighter the picture will appear when seen through it. You must also examine the scope's quality while determining whether or not it will perform as expected. A telescopic sight has a mechanism that allows it to be fitted together in a way that allows the pellet to zoom down on an object at the same time as the crosshair does. Top and Side Turrets are two of the turrets that may be adjusted. Crosshairs are fine-tuned by the top turret depending on which way the turret is pointed. With each shot, the crosshair can be shifted either left or right, depending on which side turret is being used. As a BB gun pistol shooter at a club, you must verify if scopes are permitted.


The attachments allow the BB gun and telescope sight to work together effectively. ' A larger objective lens will necessitate a higher mount or a mount that is at the same height as the scope itself. Allen bolts are used to secure good mounts together, and the best are produced by the best gun manufacturers. Investing in a supply of high-quality pellets will enhance your performance. It's possible to experiment with a variety of pellets before sticking with the ones that perform best for you. For paper target shooting, Flathead Pellets are an excellent choice because of their ability to focus on the target quickly and easily. With their massive force and strength, hollow-point pellets are commonly used in close and medium-range hunting. Surface-to-air factors do not benefit from the use of pointing pellets, which enable penetration upon contact.

Gun Bags

In order for shooters to carry their firearms in public, they will require a gun bag. These guns will be well-protected from the weather with the help of these bags. Even if your stuff is well-protected, a handgun bag with a thick liner is a good idea. In order to avoid having to remove your pistol's silencer many times throughout the course of the day, a bag with a length that accommodates the handgun is recommended if you frequently use a silencer. Gun bags come in various sizes, so it's important to think about how many extras you often bring along with your weapon. To keep your pistol safe, buy a gun case that has inside straps for the weapon. Look out for hard-wearing cases as an alternative to gun bags, although these goods might be difficult to keep in your vehicle trunk, so think about all the variables before purchasing. Finally, due to the significant risk of corrosion, an air pistol should never be stored in a gun bag. For long-term storage of your guns, a gun bag is not the best option.

Final Thoughts

Air pistols might be a little intimidating for those who are just getting into the sport. There are a number of things to consider and questions to ask before making a decision. That's why we've put up this guide to assist you to find the best air pistol for your needs, and perhaps inspire you to pursue BB guns as a lifetime hobby.