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The Best 1911 Grips

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ON SALE!Rank 1
Hogue 45080 1911 Gov Model Rubber LE Grip - Red Laser ,...
  • 1911 Government Model Rubber Laser Enhanced Grip with Red...
  • Ruggedized 4mm Laser Diode to Withstand Recoil
  • Programmable Micro-Processor for Flashing, Stealth Target or...
  • Precision Cut Piranha Grip Textured G10 Grip Panels
ON SALE!Rank 2
Cool Hand 1911 Rosewood Grips, Gun Grips Screws Included,...
  • 1. Material: rosewood.
  • 2. These 1911 custom grip fit most 1911 Full Size...
  • 3. Checker diamond cut texture, aggressive.
  • 4. Meas. between two center holes: 3 1/16", thickness: 1/4".
  • 5. Free gun grips screws for 1911: 4 screws, 4 O rings, T10...
ON SALE!Rank 3
Recover Tactical CC3H 1911 Grip and Rail System No...
  • Simplest way to add a rail to your 1911
  • Easy installation - no gunsmith or permanent modifications...
  • Made from high-grade reinforced Polymer - will not break or...
  • Universal fit for most Standard sized 1911 RCV-W-CC3-TAN...
  • Recover HC11 holster compatible
Rank 4
Cool Hand 1911 High Polished Synthetic Pearl Grips, Full...
  • 1. High polish non slippery.
  • 2. Material: Classic upgrade synthetic pearl.
  • 3. Free Screws for 1911: 4 screws, 4 o rings, T10 Torx keys...
  • 4. These grips fit most 1911 Full Size (Government) on the...
  • 5. Meas. between two center holes: 3 1/16", thickness: 1/4".
Rank 5
Altamont 1911 Grips - Crocback - Full Size 1911 Wood Grips...
  • SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIP: Don't be fooled by cheap imports!...
  • PRECISION ENGINEERING: Our 1911 Government Grips are cut by...
  • CUSTOM FIT: Altamont's 1911 Grips fit most 1911 Standard...
  • IMPORANT: We use real wood in our handgun grips and...
Rank 6
Tek_Tactical 1911 Grips Full Size for Colt Rock Island...
  • High quality 1911 Metal pistol grips
  • 1.Free Screws: 4 screws included.
  • These grips fit most 1911 Full Size (Government) on the...
  • Holes: 3 1/16", thickness: 1/4".
  • Equipped with Ambi Cut
ON SALE!Rank 7
Hogue 45580 1911 Gov Reinforced Rosewood LE Grip - Red Laser
  • 1911 Gov Reinforced Rosewood Laser Enhanced Grip with Red...
  • Ruggedized 4mm Laser Diode to Withstand Recoil
  • Programmable Micro-Processor for Flashing, Stealth Target or...
  • Precision Cut Piranha Grip Textured G10 Grip Panels
Rank 9
Tek Tactical 1911 Grips SAN Judas ST. Jude Full Size Grips...
  • High quality 1911 metal pistol grips
  • 1911 Grips - Compatible with ambidextrous safety
  • Free 1911 Grip screws included
Rank 10
Cool Hand 1911 Full Size G10 Grips, Gun Grips Screws...
  • 1. Free gun grips screws for 1911: 4 screws, 4 o rings, T10...
  • 2. CNC Machined from G10 Phenolic Material.
  • 3. 1911 custom grips fit most 1911 Full...
  • 4. Meas. between two center holes: 3 1/16", thickness: 1/4".
  • 5. Ops texture: very aggressive.

Buyer's Guide

Choosing Your Next 1911 Grips

Some of the best looking grips ever created have come from the Mecocco/ 1911 Grips. Some of the best companies, such as Remington, Bersa, and Smith & Kline all produce high quality 1911s. Many of the older models of Mecocco and Springfield also produce the 1911 clones. It is easy to confuse these models with original Mecocco models, as the grips are typically made of a different material. The main difference is that the grips have been "open" instead of "sealed."

Some of the most popular 1911 Grips on the market include the Alphas, Bulldogs, Captivelli, Fairbanks, Formica, Limited Edition, and sronies. The Alphas, in particular, are popular for many reasons. One of them is the fact that they are made for both the police and military. If you are interested in purchasing an 1911 for your personal use, or for practice, an Alphas is the way to go. There are full size (some may be smaller) and lightweight alternatives to these models.

If your interested in buying a pistol, one of the best options is an Alphas. The nice thing about an Alphas is that it is made by Mecocco, which is one of the highest quality pistol makers in the world. Mecocco makes a few different models, including: revolvers, pistols, and the standard size frame. So if your interested in getting the best of the best when it comes to 1911 grips, and don't care much for safety features, the Alphas are a great option. Of course, they don't come cheap; the average model should cost around two-hundred dollars. However, the good news is that there are plenty of second-hand options available.

Of course, there are plenty of manufacturers that produce 1911 grips for sale, so you can easily find one that fits your needs. For example: Rainier, Blackwolf, Wilson, Kahr Arms, and Browning. These are just a few of the many manufacturers of full size pistol grips on the market. If you're interested in adding some type of add-on, such as sights or a holster, to your new full size pistol, you can easily do so by ordering your new set from a number of places. Here are some ideas of places you might look.

An Internet retailer such as Browning or Sig sauer offers a large selection of compatible grips. This includes but is not limited to: cheekpiece/finial pads, beading, laser engravings, and compatible butt pad adds. There are also a few specialty stores that sell one-of-a-kind grips. Two of the most popular are Blackwolf and Rainier, though there are certainly others out there. Many of these stores offer custom options as well, so if you can't find what you're looking for at one of these locations, you may be able to custom order it from them.

A gun shop that specializes in guns and other sporting goods may carry an assortment of models of 1911 grips. If you're trying to match your pistol with a particular manufacturer's grips, this is a great place to start. Most major manufacturers have a few styles that they specialize in, including: round butt / rectangular thumb break, square thumb break, and "dagger" style grips (for instance, Remington and Sig Sauer produce a series of grips called the "Dagger"? ).

An antique dealer may also carry an assortment of full size 1911s. Some dealers specialize in older models, while others may specialize in brand new models only. No matter what type of model you are searching for, you're sure to find exactly what you need at an antique dealer. However, before you start looking for an old or used model, be sure to check your state's laws regarding purchasing antique weapons. In some states, you will need a license in order to purchase a antique handgun.

Finally, an online search engine can provide you with a plethora of sites offering full lines of 1911s and a plethora of information about them. One of the best things about shopping for an antique trigger is that you can comparison shop to your heart's content. What may have sold for a premium at an online auction site may only cost you a few dollars more at another store. Before you start looking through your local armory, make sure to do some research on the web to see what sites are carrying the types of full sized 1911s you are seeking. Armed with that knowledge, you can start making comparisons and hopefully find the right gun to meet your needs.


Does the type of material matter when buying 1911 grips?

Remember to pay close attention to the details of everyday life. Take into consideration the material of the handle as well as your expectations of the firearm. Using bare hands in the woods in all weather situations with a synthetic grip that has a sticky feel may be the best option in some cases.

Business owners, community leaders, law enforcement officers, and others who want their weapon to stand out on their hip while remaining firmly in their hand when firing should look for grips that combine checkering and texture with style so that their weapon stands out on their hip while remaining firmly in their hand when they fire.

These considerations are particularly significant for open carriers. Keep in mind that wood's natural beauty, history, and durability can be destroyed by solvents and harsher environments, so use caution when working with it.

Even while synthetic grips are not often the most physically pleasing, this does not preclude them from being robust and capable of delivering exceptional traction without the need of an abrasive finish.

What styles are available for 1911 grips?

Keep track of the characteristics of your firearm when you make your purchase, such as whether you want a round-or square-butted frame, a full-or Commander-sized frame, or even a small 1911 variation when you make your purchase.

There are many different grips to pick from, so be sure to provide the model number of your rifle when placing your order. If you have a medium to large hand, finger grooves are a terrific choice for you to consider. If your hands are small or if you carry things on a regular basis while wearing gloves, there may be better options available to you.

A 1911 may be too large for your hand, but one of the thinner grips available as an option may be a better fit. Grips that are thicker or even curved can fit a larger hand as well. While 1911s had interchangeable grip panels much earlier than polymer pistols did, polymer pistols were the first to have adjustable backstraps.

Why are 1911 grips important?

There is a strong emphasis placed on the trigger, the shoe's fit on the finger, and the finger's accessibility in general. While all of these aspects are valid, the grip—which includes the front strap, mainspring housing, and panels—is the most significant when it comes to the shooter-to-gun interface.

These trigger positions provide shooters with comprehensive control over the handgun, not only in terms of shot-to-shot accuracy, but also in terms of fundamental weapon manipulation. The texture of a grip plays a significant role in the overall performance of the grip.

When the trigger is pulled, the 1911 grips are too rough and can tear the palms of the hands. If you use the handgun too little, it becomes difficult to manage the weapon because of the higher grip pressure required to keep control of the weapon.

Furthermore, if the pistol has a timid texture attached to it, inclement weather may make it feel much more awkward in its hands. Metal and wood both lose their hold when they become wet.

If you're putting your entire future in the hands of your 1911, these aren't the kinds of attributes you want to see in a firearm. You'll need something on which you can rely no matter what happens in your life.

Does 1911 grips come with frame checkering?

On the vast majority of 1911s, frame checkering is a standard feature that cannot be overlooked. Except for models with smooth steel or aluminum fore and aft surfaces, the majority of vehicles in this category are excellent values. This, on the other hand, is an outlier.

It is fairly typical to perform a visual inspection of the mainspring housing located at the rear of a 1911 grip. This feature is used by virtually all reputable gun manufacturers as a means of preventing the pistol from sliding around the hand after each shot while also assisting in the management of recoil.

Checkering on the front straps is strictly prohibited. It's a shame, because the added metalwork is, in my opinion, well worth it. Increasing the number of friction points on a gun's grip allows the recoil impulse to be distributed more evenly over the hand, improving the overall shooting experience. Those who don't care about them may consider them to be redundant in their lives.

They do not include me in their group. It is recommended that you avoid purchasing a rifle that incorporates front strap checking unless you absolutely require it.

Most of the top-tier manufacturers make substantial use of these materials in their products. Some are more affordable options that include this functionality in addition to the 1911.

Checkering can be added after the fact by a skilled gunsmith; however, factory-installed checkering is usually more cost-effective than after-market installation.

What size are 1911 grips?

The grips on the 1911 measure 0.22 inches in thickness. Despite being thinner than traditional grips, it cannot completely replace double-stacked grips.

What are 1911 grips made of?

As a result of the exceptional strength and heat resistance of G10, 1911 Grips are able to sustain temperatures as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit without cracking or flaking. This 1911 Full Size G10 Grip provides a more secure grip while shooting swiftly or in wet situations.

It is available in black. It ensures ambidextrous safety by being pre-cut. It is available in a number of different colors. There are four high-polish Hex grip screws included in the package.

Are 1911 grips universal?

In some cases, there are some deviations, such as 1911s with polymer frames or grips that are unique to the manufacturer, although 1911 grips are the industry standard. The grip panels of double-stack 1911s are replaceable, just as they are with single-action 1911s.

Should I buy a 1911 grip made of wood?

Grips made of wood with a classic double-diamond pattern are ideal if you're striving for the original military specification appearance. People with small or medium hands will like the thinner fit of the grips, and the grips can be more easily customized with etching than on earlier versions.

Traditional in design, this hand-finished grip can be used to carry trophies by competition shooters or law enforcement officers due to the grip and utility it provides. It is also available in a variety of colors.

What are rubber grips?

With regard to both durability and functionality, rubber grips are unrivaled in the industry. It is simple to utilize a rubber grip, and it provides a firm grasp for an extended period of time. There is little chance of slipping when they are used in damp or sloppy conditions, which is an important consideration.

However, even though they lack the flash and glamour of a more ornate grip, they are extremely reliable pieces of equipment for shooters who participate in a great deal of action on a regular basis.

Because of this, it is an excellent choice for the frequent shooter who requires something that can endure natural oils and wear and tear on a regular basis.

Is a tactical grip good for my 1911?

Tactical grips provide shooters with a combination of toughness, texture, and affordability that they may be looking for in an accessory.

Texturing elements can be purposefully placed to improve grip, whilst non-textured areas can be strategically placed to improve comfort and ease of movement. This sort of grip will be beneficial to both concealed carry and daily carry users alike.

Are decorative grips available for 1911?

Yes! There are times when the aesthetics of a grip are more significant than the usefulness of that grip. Two instances of this trend are the grips with pearl and metal embellishments.

The grip of a gun makes it stand out from the rest of the pack. Guns can be coveted by a wide range of gun owners as long as their beauty and style take precedence over their function and feel.

What is a simulated ivory 1911 grip?

A faux ivory grip is perhaps the most distinguishing feature of a blued firearm. The strength and long-lasting nature of a faux ivory grip are two of its main advantages.

The typical ivory look can be achieved without spending a fortune, but these methods are not without their own drawbacks. Given its resistance to warping and wear, this material is particularly well suited for gun owners who plan to maintain the same rifle for an extended period of time.

How do 1911 grips work?

In the area between your thumb and index finger on your dominant hand, you have a V-shaped deformity. The "V" on the back of the rifle should be as high as it is physically possible to make it. When the gun is discharged, the amount of recoil it receives is lessened as a result.

How hard should I grip a pistol?

When you move your finger on the pistol's trigger, only the trigger moves; the gun itself remains stationary. The gun must not be held so tightly that it shakes or transmits movement when the trigger is squeezed.

Why is pistol grip illegal?

There are some jurisdictions, like New York City, where the use of pistol grips on rifles is illegal; nevertheless, the usage of a "thumbhole stock" has found a way around this prohibition. The butt is made in the same manner as a rifle, with a single component that reaches all the way to the stock.

In the United States, the grip of a pistol is considered to be a distinguishing characteristic. Certain states have now passed legislation prohibiting the use of pistol grips that reach below the weapon but are not integrated with the shoulder stock (i.e., a thumbhole stock).

What is the point of a 1911 pistol grip?

The pistol grip can be used for a variety of things, including as a bipod attachment, magazine holding, and tool storage. In some firearms, the pistol grip is also used to charge the weapon, which is a function of the pistol grip. It is one of the most essential parts of weapons legislation in the United States.

Are gun grips good?

Gun grips are incredibly handy attachments to firearms that can be purchased separately. The reason for this is not only that they are more comfortable to hold, but they also aid in keeping the weapon in position. Knowing how to grasp your weapon correctly is crucial, as a single slip could result in your death if you don't do so correctly.