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300 Blk Pistol

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Sightmark 300BLK 7.62x35mm Boresight with Red Laser
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A-Zoom .300 AAC Blackout Rifle Snap Cap
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(Q) 300 Blackout Magazine Marking Bands Easy ID Blue and...
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Sightmark .300 Boresight with Red Laser
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Armanov - 300 AAC Blackout – Rifle powder funnel for...
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Buyer's Guide: 300 Blk Pistol

300 Blk Pistol

The 300 Blackout pistol cartridge has literally taken the shooting world by storm. From subsonic and super-sonic rounds are highly effective for target shooters, hunters and self-defense- minded individuals alike. Unfortunately, gun manufacturers are meeting this need with high-performance AR-type rifles and pistols, too. Here are a few new 300 Blackout AR-type pistols to check out.

Sig Sauer offers the Sig 300 BLK in both an A1 and A2 model. In the former, the buttstock is completely covered in metal including the front sight. In the latter, the buttstock is covered only by the suppressor. A rubber insert prevents the suppressor from being removed by the shooter's hand, while a steel spring provides an efficient, though not overly springy, firing force. Both models feature integral suppressor ports, which help minimize baffle buildup and insure that the suppressor stays in place.

Walther develops the Walther PCC with an aluminum handguard and a full stainless steel pistol frame. The handguard has a typical Rugged Ridge buttstock and buttpad. There is also a Curved Forehand buttstock, but this is different. It features an "L-shape" configuration that is optimized for comfortable shooting form. The front sight is fixed, and the backside of the sights is equipped with a fiber optic attachment.

The Sig Sauer Sig 740 can be equipped with a buffer tube or a magazine tube. Either is adequate for most users, though it is recommended that the buffer tube be purchased by the same manufacturer that manufactured the pistol's gun magazine. A strong, durable, lightweight, and easily adjustable buffer tube is essential to reliable feeding and ejected firing. An aluminum magazine tube is generally preferred because the heavier the buffer tube, the longer it will remain usable when a high number of rounds are fired in rapid succession.

Like most other manufacturers, Sig has developed its own polymer handgun slide to fit the 300 blk. This slide is compatible with standard Sig pistol grips, and both the sights and case are compatible. The slide also attaches using a specially designed cap rivet nut, preventing it from falling out during use. Standard pistol grips will fit the Sig Sauer pistols in either a right- or left-handed position. However, left-handed shooters should ensure that their hands are properly lined up before putting the gun in a carrying position, as some Grips are made to be Right-handed only.

The Sig Sauer 300 blk features three major upgrades over its predecessor. These upgrades include an aluminum alloy pistol-length frame; a blowback design that produces quieter firing; and a two-piece magazine that allows for a more efficient loading process. The aluminum alloy frame is finished off with a textured black finish. Textured frames help to improve sight lines, and the blowback system delivers accurate firing without the vibration commonly associated with semi-automatics. These upgrades help to give the Sig Sauer 300 blk pistol a high level of accuracy.

The Sig Sauer 300 blk comes standard with a detachable carrying handle and a one-piece magazine. The carrying handle includes a rubberized tip, which helps to prevent slippage and assists with a firm grip on the gun. Additionally, the carrying handle includes an adjustable cant and an anti-slip grip. The magazine itself features a detachable rubberized magazine sleeve, a one-piece magazine, and a rubberized buffer tube. The buffer tube provides a smooth entry into the magazine and provides a solid connection between the magazine and the frame.

An optional laser sight can also be added to the arsenal offered by the Sig Sauer 300 blk. This is a popular upgrade as its ability to provide a clearer target at all times makes every shot more reliable and precise. With the sights installed on the frame, target shooting becomes as simple as pointing the laser sight at the target. For an even brighter image and improved target sighting, the red dot sight is the preferred option.