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Alien Gear Holsters

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster for Concealed Carry -...
  • Custom fit to your specific pistol to ensure for proper...
  • Fully Adjustable: Get the ride height and cant exactly the...
  • Conceal in Comfort: Soft neoprene backing that is flexible...
  • Simplicity at its Finest: Very simple design where it counts...

Buyer's Guide: Alien Gear Holsters

All New Holster Series Offers a Securely Placed Handgun

With the development in personal protection equipment over the years, Alien Gear Holsters have emerged as one of the leaders in the market. They are incredibly convenient to use, offer superior functionality, and are designed specifically for today's guns and equipment. There are several advantages associated with using them. Firstly, they can provide high-quality and reliable concealed-carrying solutions. Secondly, they are easy to customize to meet your specific requirements.

The heart of Alien Gear Holsters lies in their custom-made retention shells. These unique retention shells have been created by injecting metal alloy into the fiberglass laminated belt loops. This provides the belt with a unique attachment method that is safe to attach and remove without disrupting the belt's actual operation. Furthermore, the high-performance retention shells eliminate the need for any storage pouch or lining.

Other Alien Gear holsters include the Shapeshift holster belt, Shapeshift pistol, and bow tie/bow cable lock combination. The most advanced among these is the OWB (outside the waistband) holster belt. The OWB holster belt is a belt that is designed to work with the manufacturer's original handheld vests, thus allowing the user to switch between two types of handguns easily. To do this, the user needs to remove the vest first by detaching it from the belt. Then, slide the belt through the belt loops on the side and back of the vest to lock the belt in place.

Another important feature provided by Alien Gear Holsters is their adjustable cantilever system. This feature allows the user to adjust the cantilever of the holster itself, depending upon what kind of weapon you are trying to carry and where you will take it. For example, if you are carrying your gun while on a hike, you can adjust the cantilever to allow for less movement during hiking. If you want to take your gun in a more stable position, you can also adjust the cantilever so that it will prevent your gun from striking the ground. Adjustable cantilevers are a great feature to have when using your alien gear holsters for self-defense.

In addition, many of the Alien Gear holsters feature a canteen. This holster includes canteen slots that can be utilized to store extra items such as pepper spray or other self-defense devices. There is even a holster with an attached water bottle holder for each of the user's hands to grab a cold beverage without carrying a separate cooler quickly. All of these features are designed specifically for people who wish to carry them more securely.

The third type of Alien Gear Holsters that can be purchased is double holsters. These particular types of holsters include both a canteen and a pouch that is attached. Once again, this is an excellent accessory for people who wish to use their concealment items more securely. The double holsters are so popular because they are much more comfortable than the traditional concealed carry holsters.

Most people who purchase all-new holster systems will find it much more comfortable than any other type of concealed carry holsters currently available on the market. This comfort level is mainly due to the web design. The IWB (inside the waistband) comprises a heavy-duty leather belt with a heavy-duty buckle attached to the belt through solid webbing. In addition to the belt, the entire system is padded for added protection and comfort.

If you are looking for a great new way to carry your handgun, you may want to purchase one of the many Alien Gear Holsters available today. The IWB concealed carry holsters are perfect for any situation. From everyday work to special occasions, the IWB can make carrying a concealed handgun very comfortable. These concealed carry holsters can also be used for regular everyday wear as well.