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Ar 15 Bolt Carrier

Bestseller No. 1
Otis Technology 5.56/ .223 B.O.N.E. Scraper Tool Made in The...
  • Item Package Dimension:4.36"Lx5"Wx0.87"H
  • Scrapes Away Carbon And Fouling
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Product Type:Multitool
Bestseller No. 2
CAT Outdoors Barrel Scraping Tool for .223cal/5.56mm Gun...
  • Stainless Steel Scraping Cleaning Tool
  • Easily Remove Carbon Build Up From The Bolt, Bolt Carrier,...
  • CAT Outdoors' Scraping Tool Is Compact In Size And Easily...
  • Provides A Quick And Effective Way To Clean
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AVAR15S - AR 15 Scraper
  • Quickly Cleans 12 Critical Surfaces on the Bolt Carrier...
  • Faster Cleaning Than Brushes and Solvent Alone: removes...
  • Speed-Cleans all 4 Major Parts of the Bolt Carrier Group:...
  • Use Safely: the swivel cover protects your hand from the...
Bestseller No. 4
Ultimate Arms Gear AR15 AR-15 M16 .223 Rifle Steel Bolt...
  • Breaks Loose And Removes All Excess Carbon Buildup Which Can...
  • Doesn't Damage The Metal Bolt Carrier When Used Properly
  • Made Of High Quality Steel And A Sturdy Plastic Handle :...
  • Provides The Proper Alignment In That Hard To Reach Area -...

Buyer's Guide: Ar 15 Bolt Carrier

What Is an AR 15 Bolt Carrier?

Ar 15 Bolt Carrier System is a universal fitting that attaches the bolt assembly to the end of an AR 15-bore. This system is installed between the muzzle and the rear sight of the firearm. It is designed to provide rapid firing and use in an emergency situation. The attachment is incorporated in both pistol and rifle; the type of firearm being determined by the type of shot required. For those individuals who own a pistol, it is preferable to buy the pistol gun carrier and the respective attachment from the same supplier.

Installation of the AR 15 bolt carrier is done with the help of a licensed gunsmith. A person not trained by the manufacturer can be inexperienced in this installation process. To avoid any adverse effects, it is recommended that a gunsmith makes a visual inspection of the setup before commencing the installation.

The bolt carrier ensures that the firearm is safe when it is fired. It facilitates fast draw or firing of the gun by the user. In a self-defense scenario, it helps to have the ability to shoot the gun rapidly. For this reason, the gun must be shot from a position which is most convenient for the user. A incorrect position may cause severe injuries or even death.

The AR 15 bolt carrier is made of two parts; the upper part which is called the strut and the lower part called the clamp. Both the components attach to the end of the rails of the firearm. They are made of high quality material like blued steel and aluminum. The strength and durability of both the components ensure their long term usage. The installation process of both the parts is generally a do-it-yourself type of job.

There are many situations when the use of the AR 15-bolt carrier would not be appropriate. They include military or police operations where the weapon must be securely mounted on the operator's chair. If you are the operator, you will not want your weapon to be damaged during an operation. You should also be able to use the firearm without any difficulty during operation. For these reasons, you must select the right type of bolt carrier for your requirements.

To understand how the system works, you must know how a traditional handgun is held. The magazine is secured in the upper receiver of the gun while it is in the chamber. Once the magazine is loaded, the upper recoils upward and pushes the magazine into the fixed front sight. The front sight is then installed in the end of the fixed stock. When the gun is fired, the rotating lever rotates the sliding bolt to push the magazine down into the fixed front sight. This is the basic mechanism of how a conventional gun functions.

The AR 15-bolt carrier is different. The bolt is installed in a fixed position above the magazine. Once the magazine is loaded, the upper recoils upward and pushes the bolt down into the fixed front sight. Instead of having the bolt rotate, the carrier moves horizontally. As a result, the bolt is installed in a horizontal position, which prevents it from rotating.

Some gun manufacturers choose to install the gun with a two-piece magazine instead of a one-piece magazine. This is an important feature to consider. If a gun manufacturer uses a two-piece magazine, the size and weight of the spring will significantly affect its operating stability. In addition, the two pieces may interfere with each other if they are not properly assembled. If you are not sure about whether to install a magazine or not, talk to a professional at your gun manufacturer.