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Bulldog Gun Cases

Bulldog Cases Hybrid 31-Inch Black Tactical Rifle Case (Fits...
  • Thick Nylon with water-resistant outer shell
  • Rigid sidewalls
  • Hidden internal pockets for extra magazines

Buyer's Guide: Bulldog Gun Cases

An Overview Of Bulldog Gun Cases

When choosing Bulldog Gun Cases, you want to select something that not only protects your belongings but looks great as well. There are many different types of Bulldog Gun Cases on the market today. Many people enjoy having their guns in a high-quality protective gun case. When you purchase a Bulldog case, it should have the same type of gun storage that you find with other types of cases. Here are some of the more popular types of Bulldog Gun Cases currently available:

Gun vault: The Bulldog Gun Cases gun vault comes in two styles. The gun case with the front and rear panels flip up for easy access to your gun case. Then there is the option to lock the entire unit up. The gun case with the front panel flip-up can easily be accessed with your key, while the gun case with the rear panel locks securely without a key. Both styles feature heavy-duty steel with an extra tough, black powder coat finish. The gun cases both have an interior that is made specifically for keeping a pistol safe, and both styles feature an o-ring seal to help keep your items watertight.

Slipcase: If you're looking for a unique Bulldog Gun Case that allows for a snug fit, then the slipcase may be the way to go. These exceptional cases feature a lined bottom to prevent damage to your gun case while providing added protection. The interior is lined and textured for extra protection against scratches. Most slipcases will also have an interior that is made for storing ammunition and other items. Some slipcases will even feature two interior compartments that are lined with soft material for added comfort.

Slide Gun Case: The slide gun case is another unique option. This type of Bulldog Gun Case has been specially designed with the Bulldog's comfort in mind. They will fold or flip in half to be used as a holster. When opened, the gun case flips right back into a carrying case. It is fully lined and includes padding on the inside of the possibility to protect the gun.

Hard Gun Case: The hard gun case can provide extra protection for your Bulldog gun as well as storage for your other gear. Some models come with a locking lid on the storage unit to protect your gun while still being accessible. The storage unit can also be used as a stand-alone display unit. A locking mechanism will keep your Bulldog safe and secure. These units are lightweight, and most are easy to carry and manage.

Storing Gun Cases: After your exhausting day at work, it is good to know that you can place your Bulldog Guns into their storage unit and away from harm. There are models available that come with a padded carrying handle. In addition, many offer a locking case. The locking case will allow you to secure your guns when out of site.

Bulldog Gun Cases are the perfect way to take care of your Bulldog Guns. Most cases will fit all sizes of Bulldog Guns and provide a protective environment for your valued possessions. The range of Bulldog Gun Cases is impressive, with some cases housing many firearms. You may prefer to have your guns stored in one case, while others may house other items such as hunting equipment, toy guns, or airsoft guns.

Bulldog Gun Cases are easy and secure to access. Most feature sturdy built-in cases and are easily accessed by a key. There is no need to worry about your prized possessions getting lost, damaged, or stolen. A range of storage units available in the market can suit your Bulldog Gun case requirements. For convenience, you may also purchase Bulldog Gun cases online.