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The Best Chest Rigs

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ON SALE!Rank 1
Condor Recon Chest Rig Coyote, Brown, 30" - 60"
  • Padded cross-back shoulder strap with webbing and D-ring
  • Swivi-Lockster - swivel push release buckles
  • 3 built in stacker/kangaroo style mag pouches; holds 6 M4...
  • Front pocket pouch with hook and loop panel inside
  • Two open top mag pouch (one on each side)
  • Additional mesh pocket on interior
  • One size fits most; Waist Size: 30"- 60" adjustable sizing
  • Additional mesh pocket on interior
  • One size fits most; Waist Size: 30"- 60" adjustable sizing
Rank 2
KRYDEX MK3 Chest Rig with Magazine Pouch Multicam
  • One size fits most. Fully adjustable low profile...
  • Support carrying 6pcs 5.56 magazines,and comes with multiple...
  • Includes YKK zipper S.A.C.K. pouch which has a shock cord...
  • Designed to perform as a stand-alone system for wear in...
  • Available color :MC / RG / BK / CB / MCBK
Rank 3
VISMIX Tactical Chest Rig, Adjustable & Detachable Chest Rig...
  • [Enough Mag Capacity] 4 rifle mag pouches for AK/AR, 4...
  • [Practical Chest Bags] Big main bag with inner mesh pocket,...
  • [DIY Your Own Chest Rig] You can put your favorite morale...
  • [Adjustable and Comfort] Easy fits your body figures with...
  • [Compatible with Other Tactical Vest] Can be connected to...
Rank 4
OneTigris Tactical Chest Rig with 5.56/7.62 Rifle Mag...
  • OneTigris CAMO VULTURE chest rig that provides you a full...
  • A multicam chest rig can increase your efficiency in the...
  • Allows you to equip accessories and gear: MOLLE compatible...
  • One size fits all from 30" to 44" waist sizes: Cross...
  • Detachable mesh breathability backing: You can remove the...
Rank 5
Huenco Camouflage Tactical Vest Airsoft Ammo Chest Rig 5.56...
  • High quality of 500D Nylon, lightweight and durable
  • Padded cross-back shoulder strap with webbing, the strap is...
  • Come with 1*recycle pouch, 3*5.56 mg pouch , 3*9mm mag pouch...
  • Allows you use it with the tactical backpack or JPC tactical...
  • MOLLE compatible with webbing on pouch and shoulder straps
ON SALE!Rank 6
Naiyafly Men Women Chest Rig Bag Multi-pocket Vest Hip Hop...
  • 【Multi-pocket design】The chest bag can hold your pad,...
  • 【High-quality Material】Made of high-quality polyester,...
  • 【Application】Suitable for survival, hiking, biking,...
  • 【Adjustable Shoulder Straps】The shoulder straps can be...
  • 【Good Gift】This chest bag carry case is an ideal gift...
Rank 7
Atlas 46 JourneyMESH Chest Rig with Cargo Pockets - Black
  • USA-MADE PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION – Handcrafted in the USA...
  • JOURNEYMESH CHEST RIG – Keep everything you need on hand...
  • ALL DAY COMFORT – Adjustable back and 21" long waist...
  • VERSATILITY – Dual hammer loop with AIM webbing on each...
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Atlas 46 guarantees all of their...
Rank 8
Condor Outdoor Recon Chest RIG
  • Genuine Scorpion OCP Padded cross-back shoulder strap with...
Rank 9
Helikon-Tex Range Line, Training Mini Rig Black
  • Universal, removable, adjustable H-strap harness. Three...
  • Double Rifle Magazine Insert with two AR/AK magazines...
  • Four fixed pouches for handgun magazines, multitool,...
  • Height-adjustable pouch flaps with position markers. Two...
  • Spacious central Cargo pocket, capable of taking Pistol...
Rank 10
Tactical Vest Military Chest Rig Airsoft Swat Vest for...
  • YAKEDA KF-099 Chest vest is a versatile and multi-use...
  • Is a fully adjustable system for adults, S-XXL: the maximum...
  • It also comes with a 3D mesh spacer to allow passage of cool...
  • Has 4 removeable, closed top or open top magazine pouches,...
  • This chest vest also offers you all modular panels give you...

Buyer's Guide

Chest Rigs Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right One for You

It is the chest rig that is the most important piece of tactical equipment because it allows you to carry the rest of your gear. Having a good chest rig will allow you to quickly access the equipment that you will require in an emergency situation.

We won't be talking about the best chest rigs today, but we will talk about how to properly use them. Chest rigs are exactly what they sound like. What is the purpose of these devices? And what are the most important things to keep in mind when employing one of these devices? Let's get this party started as soon as possible!

Chest Rigs

What are chest rigs?

Chest rigs should be included in your tactical gear because they make it easier to carry essential equipment. Furthermore, they provide you with immediate access to whatever you require.

Chest rigs are less cumbersome and more portable than plate carries, which are more common in combat. The chest rig is particularly well suited to situations in which additional protection is not required.

The Advantages of Chest Rigs

Many people have used chest rigs in the past. A long time has elapsed since the invention of the chest rig. Chess rigs, as we know them today, are the result of technological advancements over the course of several decades.

Due to the fact that they make it so simple to transport essential tools, these are extremely practical pieces of equipment. Bring first aid kits and rifle magazines, for example, as well as digital cameras if you want to capture the moment.

Comparison between Chest Rigs and Tactical Vests

Additional pieces of military equipment, such as pistol cases, magazines, radios, and water carriers, are frequently stored in this equipment.

When it comes to the military and law enforcement, tactical vests are a type of protective clothing that can be used to store ammunition and other necessities such as tools like flashlights or rigs. While this isn't ideal, tactical vests can still be used to store ammunition and other necessities such as tools like flashlights or rigs.

This storage function is always carried out by both of them at the same time. In both cases, a tactical vest protects the torso, shoulders, and lower back, among other parts of the body.

When compared to military chest rigs, a tactical vest is more versatile and can be used to carry ammunition while participating in outdoor sporting activities such as paintball or airsoft, which require you to fire dummy bullets at your opponents while also receiving some of your own dummy bullets.

Factors to Consider When Buying Chest Rigs

If you're on a rescue mission or just going for a hike, chest rigs are a must-have piece of equipment. A number of factors contribute to this conclusion, including:

Chest Rigs

Chest Rigs' compatibility

These rigs are designed to work in conjunction with the rest of your equipment. No matter how much weight they're carrying or how much armor they're wearing, they're not having trouble finding their way. The use of equipment such as chest rigs makes hikes and missions less difficult and time-consuming.


A typical body armor or plate carrier is heavy and inconvenient to use. These rigs are more comfortable, cooler, and lighter than traditional body armor, which can be hot and heavy in the summer. They are also suitable for use in humid environments.


When riding in a jeep, consider donning body armor and toting a backpack for added protection. When wearing these, it is impossible to properly buckle up in a car. While wearing these, you will be unable to reach anything in the jeep’s back because you will be too tall.

Chest rigs, on the other hand, present a completely different set of difficulties. You'd have easy access to the items in the backseat while still being able to secure yourself in your seatbelt. Most importantly, remember: The airbags and the steering wheel will not be compromised by the chest rig.

Chest rigs can be used in a variety of situations. The use of drones is common among military personnel, search and rescue workers, doctors, and even photographers, among others. The fact that it is lightweight, has a simple design, and has the capacity to hold a wide variety of tools and ammunition makes it one of the most highly regarded gears available today. It has a good reputation.


It cannot be overstated how important it is to be comfortable while on a tactical mission, whether in the woods or on the battlefield. The vast majority of chest rigs are made to fit snugly against the body while maintaining a low profile on the surface of the water. In order to keep yourself comfortable and avoid back pain, make sure you don't put too much weight on your chest rig.

In order to ensure an even distribution of weight, you must always carry only the bare necessities with you. It is important that when it comes to survival gear, the weight, size, and portability of the equipment are taken into consideration.


The color of your chest rig is an important consideration when deciding whether you want to blend in or stand out in a group of people.

This is especially true if you prefer to remain hidden at all times, as your level of visibility can make or break the experience. It is critical to select the appropriate color.


Choosing the best option and setting a budget for a chest rig that will serve you well while also providing the greatest amount of comfort while you're shopping will take some time.

The most expensive chest rig isn't always the best buy; before parting with your hard-earned money, consider the quality of the materials used, the construction, and the durability of the rig in question.

Final Thoughts

Despite their widespread use in the military, chest rigs have become popular among many professionals who require quick access to a variety of essential tools while working in the field.

The best chest rigs are compact and flexible, allowing users to carry a variety of tools and equipment without sacrificing their performance or functionality.

When deciding between different brands, consider the functionality, storage capacity, and durability of the products. If you do not possess these characteristics, you will be unable to derive any benefit from them.


What are chest rigs for?

It is common for people to misinterpret this type of chest rig as a type of body armor or plate carrier. Over the plate carrier, a special forces soldier is free to dress however he or she wishes.

Are chest rigs worth it?

It's a great option for transporting equipment, as long as you don't overload the vehicle. I prefer to think of them as an accessory, such as a battle belt, rather than as a stand-alone piece of armor or equipment. An all-in-one package that includes both the primary combat equipment and a chest rig with additional equipment.

How many mags are on a chest rigs?

Six pistol magazines are housed in the chest rig, which, in my opinion, is an unnecessary addition. In my outside pockets, I keep a flashlight, a knife, and two pistol magazines for emergencies. Binoculars that are small enough to fit in the center pocket are exactly what I'm looking for. It is possible to remove a few of the pistol magazine pouches in order to keep things neat and tidy.

What is the point of a chest rigs?

An item of tactical equipment storage that is worn on the chest is called a holster. These can be worn on top of a tactical vest to provide an additional layer of protection. Chest rigs, as previously stated, allow you to carry large amounts of tactical equipment while maintaining complete control of your hands.

Why are chest rigs important?

A well-designed chest rig can be one of the most important pieces of tactical equipment you have at your disposal in many situations. It enables you to carry a significant amount of weight without the need to use your hands. The chest rig has the capability of storing both protection and tactical equipment, making it an indispensable piece of equipment.

Can you wear a chest rigs over a plate carrier?

A proper plate carrier, on the other hand, should be equipped with PALS webbing, which allows pouches to be attached directly to the carrier. When an armored vest does not come with pouches, a chest rig can be worn over the top of it to provide a temporary solution to the problem.

What is better: a chest rigs or a plate carrier?

If you're looking to carry magazines, first-aid kits, or other items, chest rigs are typically available in the form of webbing or panels that are attached to the inside of your chest. A plate carrier is responsible for keeping body armor plates in place over vital organs. Magazines and other tactical equipment are occasionally kept in them for safekeeping. Chest rigs have the highest carrying capacity available in the industry. In addition to carrying 20 pounds of plates, it's nearly impossible to pack the same amount of equipment into a vest. As a result, it will vary depending on the chest rig you're using. In minimalist chest rigs, mag carriers are suspended from suspenders and attached to suspenders.

Why do people use chest rigs?

If your job requires you to move around with a large amount of useful tools or equipment, wearing a chest rig is the best option for you. The use of a chest-rig allows you to move quickly and efficiently while maintaining complete control over your other activities. You are responsible for locating each profession's chest rig, and it is your responsibility to do so.

This type of belt is used to lighten the load on your waistline and make movement more comfortable for you. Because they assist in keeping your spine straight and aligned, they help to reduce the stress and strain placed on your lower back as a result of your increased weight.

What color chest rig should I get?

The color of your rig will change in response to the environment you're in. Those who plan to work or play in woodlands or other natural settings would benefit from wearing dark green or camouflage clothing. Dark neutral colors are always the best choice because they don't draw attention to themselves and are therefore less noticeable.

How to use a chest rigs correctly?

When it comes to using and purchasing chest rigs, there are three common mistakes to avoid. That is why this section has been created to assist you in avoiding those blunders.

Should I get a chest rigs or a plate carrier?

It is a piece of upper chest armor that protects the heart, lungs, and other vital organs from being damaged or destroyed. Sometimes magazine pouches are incorporated into the design, as well as hooks and loops for attaching additional equipment. When confronted with firearms, such as rifles, it is preferable to wear full body armor rather than a plate carrier to protect oneself.

Keep in mind that, while rigs are excellent for organizing and storing gear, they do not provide the same level of bullet protection as plates do if you're looking for chest gear such as a sling or a vest for concealment.

How do you know if the chest rig is sized just right?

When making your final decision on the best chest rig, take your chest size into consideration. With a tape measure, take the circumference of your chest at its widest point. That should take care of the problem.

Where do you use a tactical chest rigs?

In fact, they are required for those who serve in the armed forces or law enforcement agencies. On the other hand, chest rigs like this one are popular among paintball and airsoft players. Chest rigs are also used by some rescuers and hunters.

How do you wash your chest rigs?

Unless otherwise specified, the chest rig must not be washed in a washing machine. Remove any dirt or stains by wiping them away with a damp cloth.

Will a chest rig keep me warm?

That is not going to happen at any point. The chest rig can be worn under a jacket or on its own.

How to load up your chest rigs?

Always remember that you are not required to keep all of your pouches completely stocked at all times. If you only pack what you absolutely need, your chest rig will feel significantly lighter and more comfortable. When you're wearing a chest rig, even the tiniest amount of extra weight can make a significant difference.