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Concealed Chest Holster

LINIXU Concealed Carry Deep Cover Holster (L39-44, Right)
  • Trigger guard provides an extra measure of safety by...
  • Manufactured for everyday use with heavy stitching and...
  • Ergonomically designed holster securely and safely conceals...
  • Right Hand Draw. Pistol remains hidden under a dress shirt...

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Concealed Chest Holster - An Overview

Concealed Chest Holster has become a popular product with men who prefer to carry a gun in their waistband instead of on their hips. There are various benefits to this type of gun holster. A concealed holster is similar to an IWB holster, but it does not have the cross strap of the IWB style. This means that you can't take the gun out of the holster if you are wearing any type of shirt or other clothing.

The most popular type of concealed chest holster is the leather cantilever chest holster. This model is the least expensive and there are some good ones available for purchase today. I have used these in the past and they work well and look good.

One of the most popular styles of this type of concealed chest holster is the IBC. This is an all over leather piece that attaches to the user's belt using belt loops and is then fastened to the vest with the use of a snap in "peel & seal" ITC kit bag. The IBC kit bag is made of high quality plastic and has Velcro tabs on both sides of the container to help secure the gun in place. The pouch is large enough to accommodate any size gun and several extra ammo clips. These kits usually also include a cantilever plate which attaches to the top of the IBC.

I have found two different variations of this particular type of holster. The first variation is the Ranger Green. The Ranger Green is a dark tan leather with black lines throughout it. It is the top of the line when it comes to concealed handgun styles. When I bought my first gun, I was so impressed with the color combination and that it has been with me ever since.

The other variation of this holster is the Desert Jamb Band. This particular model is a traditional hunting style holster that is constructed in a "Jamb" shape. What I like about this particular style is that there are numerous places on the firearm that can be reached via the draw string, this allows for quick access to the extra magazine. The drawstring attaches on both sides and is secured by Velcro.

The last option is the fully adjustable vertical shoulder holster. This particular model has a full two positions of cant as well as two different heights to choose from. There is a nylon canteen that will cover the firearm when it is not being held in the vertical position. When the vertical position is used, it becomes a canteen that wraps around the entire arm.

This is the model that I would recommend to most individuals looking to purchase a concealment handgun. The top notch quality that is offered with the IBC is extremely impressive. If you are looking for a quick draw or to simply transfer your gun to a new location, then you may want to purchase the IBC. With the wide selection of holsters available today, you can find a vertical shoulder holster that fits your needs.

These particular models offer quick access to the handgun that will be held within the firearm. The most outstanding feature is the canteen that will cover the gun when it is not being held vertically. Many people prefer to use the canteen as a fastbreak when they are not shooting the gun. Also the IBC allows an individual to quickly change out the firearm from either a vertical or a side position. The IBC is an excellent choice for the person looking to carry their firearm in a convenient and secure manner.