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Don Hume Holsters


FAQs: Don Hume Holsters

Are don hume holsters good?

Great piece of gear! The leather is a bit stiff at first, it becomes more flexible and fits the pistol well. It might take some time to get it used to.

Buyer's Guide: Don Hume Holsters

Buyers Guide: Don Hume Holsters

Don Hume Leathergoods has been producing high-quality leather products for more than 50 years. They are a respected leather goods manufacturer that is known for its quality, durability, and function. They provide high-quality gun holders for law enforcement. Their expanded ranges include leather and ballistic nylon.

Don Hume Holsters are finely made and represent the best in leather gun products. Don Hume creates genuine leather holsters both for law enforcement and citizens. You will be able to enjoy the quality workmanship, fit, function, and durability of leather goods made-to-last that comply with concealed carry laws. Don Hume holsters are expertly made to fit your make and model. For improved comfort, you can benefit from user-focused features like a guard to protect your skin from the slide. Don Hume holsters will stay put while you are out and about, whether on the trail, in the field, or in town. You also gain excellent retention and ease of draw.

Don Hume Leather Holsters for Concealed Carry are Handcrafted

Don Hume Leather Holsters are available for you in day and night concealment carrying. You can get a form that fits your Glock, which rides outside of the waistband. It has the retention security you need. Keep your compact and full-size models safe in your Don Hume leather pouches. These leather products can be easily maintained because they are specially finished. You can keep the color vibrant by lightly buffing it with leather care products.

Don Hume Leather Gun Holsters Put Protection on Your Side

Don Hume's pocket leather gun holsters can be used with smaller revolvers or pistols. They can also be used right- or left-handed. Don Hume provides excellent draw ability and stable retention. Open-top belt holsters from Don Hume are perfect for 1911 owners. They sit high on the body of the carrier and provide protection between the gun and the user. Don Hume offers a variety of leather gun holsters in brown and black. To protect your side, place them on a gun belt.

Don Hume Front Pocket

Don Hume's pocket holster features a more secure trigger and grip. Don Hume's Front Pocket Holster fits a wide variety of J-frame-sized guns. The holster places the stock of your gun directly there, though it is not a subtle way to do so. Inadvertently pulling the holster with the gun out will cause the leather hook of the holster to catch on the inside of your pants pocket. This will keep the holster in place while the gun is being pulled out.

Belt Holsters

There are many kinds of Belt Holsters. Belt Slide Holsters are compatible with both semi-automatic pistols as well as double-action revolvers. Instant shooting is possible with open-top holsters. The open-muzzle-designed J.I.T. Slide allows for different barrel lengths to be used with the same gun or frames of similar size. The H721 belt-slider is an excellent concealment holster. The holster is made from two leather slices. And it has a metal reinforced thumb break with retention strap and recessed snap. Double-stitched lines are also present at stress points to ensure durability.

Inside the Pant Holster

Don Hume offers several Inside The Pant Holsters. PREFERRED CONCEALMENT HOLSTER must be worn inside the waistband, strong side behind your hip. To provide maximum comfort for the firearm and its user, the H715-MWCS has a body shield. The Inside the Waistband carry case is made from lightweight leather and form-molded. The holster's open-top features a reinforced mouth band and allows for one-handed access to the holster. The H715 M W.C.S. can carry the firearm in a neutral holster and can be worn sideways, cross-draw, or behind your hip.

Don Hume is a well-respected company that makes Holsters. It's reliable. It is easy to choose a Don Hume Holster as your gun holster!