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Eaa Windicator Holster

Barsony Holsters and Belts Left Hand Holster for EAA...
  • Lightweight; open style; ultimate concealment; made from...
  • Belt clip slips over pant top and belt to hold gun securely...
  • Strongest steel belt clip in the industry; premium leather...
  • Wear it strong-side, cross-draw or on the small of the back

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High Reviews For the EAA Windicator Holster

If you have ever wanted an Eaa Windicator Holster, you're not alone. Holsters have gained in popularity in recent years for a variety of reasons. Many people enjoy carrying their handgun on their belt, not only because it's more comfortable, but also because it allows them to easily conceal it. Holsters are made for all different types of guns, with one of the most popular designs being a leather holster. Here, I will give you my honest review of the Eaa Windicator holster.

As far as design is concerned, the Eaa Windicator holsters are really nice. There is not a lot of room to expand out on either end, so the paddle isn't much of an issue. This means that you won't be able to grab your gun and wiggle it around to get the angle you want. It's not like other holsters, where grabbing the paddle and moving your gun around is an easy thing to do. Other holsters limit your options because they only allow you to select the way you would like to draw your gun. However, this is not the case with the Eaa Windicator.

The leather holster on the Eaa Windicator is top notch. I can see why this is such a popular product. It's a great quality, high end product that is definitely worth the money. In fact, I wouldn't even call it a great holster. I would say that it is a great quality product, but it lacks some of the options that other more expensive leather holsters offer.

As far as concealment goes, this is about average. It is small enough that it will work for most situations, but it won't be able to conceal anything too large. For example, I could easily conceal my weapon in this, but I couldn't conceal my knife or my unloaded pistol. This isn't a problem, though, as the weight of the gun is what will make it concealable.

It is also difficult to use the Eaa Windicator for right handed people. I tested this by carrying it on my right leg, and putting the holster on my left. It did not stay on my right leg, since it was on my left side (as I have been told it will), but I wasn't able to use it for the reason I found out about after I took it home. The problem was that it was too heavy. It was difficult for me to get it to where I wanted to put it on my leg, and I had to either flip it over, or put it right on my leg and keep my right hand draw strongside up.

The final downfall to this holster is that it's very easy to break. I've broken mine several times while I was wearing it. The holster, while solid, is not constructed very well, and it can be quickly broken if you aren't careful.

Overall, this holster is a good product. I like the fact that it is extremely durable, and I'm still able to get an easy on, easy off, and quick release to prepare my gun for use. The fit of the holster is excellent, and the ultimate concealment tool for my Blackwood. If I were looking for the best gun holster on the market that would perfectly fit my guns, and allow me quick access when necessary, then I would definitely consider checking out the EAA Windicator Holster.

All in all, I give the EAA Windicator Holster my highest rating. The holster is extremely durable, and easily replaces my regular belt. I also love the ease of quick access that it provides. It's very similar to carrying a traditional gun holster, but the difference is the quick release of the pistol grip. It allows me to quickly take my handgun out of concealment, and be ready to engage someone in a matter of seconds. It is a positive draw with my suppressed Beretta pistol, and the overall value of the holster is great.