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Galco Belts

GALCO - SB3 Heavy Duty Leather Dress Holster Belt 1 1/2",...
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: Galco's SB3 Dress Holster Belt is...
  • CLASSIC DESIGN: The SB3 Dress Holster Belt features a sleek...
  • HEAVY DUTY HOLSTER BELT: Galco’s heavy duty leather...
  • COMFORTABLE CARRY: Galco's SB3 Leather Holster Belt is...

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Galco Paddle Belts

Galco belts are made out of the highest quality leather available. They are the product of over 150 years experience in manufacturing high quality belts. The company has changed into a top ranked manufacturer of leather belts. If you are looking for a proper gun belt, this is one of the best options.

Gun holsters are not just designed to be a secure place for a gun. Gun holsters have gained popularity among other items including riding pants. These can be a great addition to any wardrobe. Many different kinds of gun holsters have emerged on the market. There are different styles of galsco belts as well.

One popular style of galco belts is the sb5 sport belt. This type of gun belt is one that offers a quick link between your pants and your belt. They can either be fastened together or you can separate the two by using special snaps or buttons. If you like this style, then you should take a look at the Galco SB5 Sport Belt. The reason this type of belt is so popular is because it has some great features and benefits.

Galco SB5 Sport Belt has a special double weave leather which is why it is so durable and lasts longer. In fact, this type of leather is so durable that it will outlast anything else you own in your lifetime. This is great news considering how expensive gun holsters can be. If you are looking for a durable leather belt, then this is the ideal choice.

Galco also makes classic gun belts that come in three sizes, regardless of what belt size you prefer. You can choose from three colors, including black, brown, and tan. Even though all three colors look similar, there are subtle differences that make each belt unique.

There are also different finishes that can be found in these belts. Galco uses anodized, milano, and satin finishes. If you prefer something with a lot of color, then you will definitely want to go with the black finish. Black is also one of the most popular colors when it comes to gun belts.

These classic leather belts are known to be very comfortable. They fit just right and are easy to carry around. There are other quality leather belts on the market that may be more comfortable, but the comfort level is not as high as the Galco. This is a definite plus for anyone who is searching for a comfortable yet reliable belt.

All of the Galco belts have beautiful, high quality, genuine steerhide! This type of leather is some of the most sought after in gun belts and is used extensively in these belts. The synthetic leather is also beautiful, but this is not the most durable type of leather available. Many times synthetic leathers wear out faster than steerhide, making these belts more affordable compared to premium steerhide gun belts.

One of the most popular styles of Galco belts are the crossbreed classic gun belts. Crossbreed classic gun belts are manufactured from top grain leather. They also have natural itch free spots. These gun belts are great because they do not have large logos or decorative embroideries on them. This makes them very classy looking and very discreet.

There are a few different styles of Galco gun belts that you can buy. There are all purpose, regular fit, and all purpose super fit belts. Each of these have their own unique style and color. There is even a vegan friendly, vegan gun belt that you can get. This vegan version of the classic paddle is made using organic cotton and has an awesome fitting, non-slip buckle.

For those of you out there who would prefer to have a traditional paddle design, you can buy an iwb. It's important that you use a traditional paddle if you are going to purchase an iwb because there are many other belt designs out there. The leather belts from Galco are very comfortable and work well with your favorite pants, skirts, dresses, and skirts. If you already own an existing belt from the end of your pregnancy, then you will be happy to know that you can continue using it after you give birth. Most people choose to continue using an iwb because it is one of the safest options that you have for carrying your baby.

Galco Paddle Belts are made in three different sizes. There are small, medium, and large paddle designs. All of the belts from the Galco line are made with the revolutionary "floating front" tab. This tab holds the paddle firmly in place, and ensures that it stays in place during a hard workout or while you're carrying your baby. These belts have four different holes: two front, two back, and one center hole. The center hole serves as the pinching device so that the new belt doesn't slip down through the previous belt.