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Galco Shoulder Holster

GALCO - Classic Lite Shoulder Holster System compatible with...
  • DESIGNED TO FIT GLOCKS: Galco's Classic Lite Shoulder System...
  • COMFORT AND VERSATILITY: The Classic Lite Shoulder System...
  • FULLY MODULAR: Like our professional-grade rigs, the Classic...
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: Using premium Center Cut Steerhide allows...

Buyer's Guide: Galco Shoulder Holster

Galco Shoulder Holsters - Tips to Help You Pick the Right Holster

If you are looking for a sport coat that you can easily take along in your travels, you might want to consider investing in a Galco Shoulder Holster. This small leather piece of gear can be attached to your belt with a Velcro strap, and it will securely hold up to any type of belt, including a 4-way reversible type. This is great if you plan on doing many different types of travel, as you can have a different sport coat or even a dress shirt that you can take along. If you like to go out as much as possible, you should probably invest in a nice compact holster instead.

Many people like to use a shoulder rig while they are out on the town, especially if they are into a number of different activities. The shoulder rig is a way to easily carry your accessories, whether they are laptop computers, keys, cell phones, or a camera. This particular style of handheld rig is quite popular because it can be worn almost anywhere, and it can also be worn under most circumstances. You will want to keep in mind, though, that there are many different styles and designs available when it comes to Galco Shoulder Holsters.

In addition to various styles of shoulder holsters, there are also several different colors available. Many people prefer to wear a Galco CCW Top, which comes in either a white or black color. This top is easily concealed beneath a short-sleeved blouse or even a tank top, as long as you choose some sort of material to cover it up with.

Another popular style of Galco Shoulder Holster is the CCW Low. These are also very popular because they have a hidden compartment for carrying the laptop, and they have a red dot sight. This means that you won't have to deal with adjusting the aiming mechanism when you are shooting. You will need to take into account, however, that this style of Galco shoulder holster does not offer as much flexibility when it comes to different types of carrying. For example, it does not offer a Concealed Carry Protection feature that some other shoulder holsters do.

There are other types of Galco Shoulder Holster, such as those that are made from leather. These are considered to be the most stylish, because they are often offered in a variety of different colors. Leather is also considered to be the most durable type of material. However, if you plan on using your CCW Top in a situation where you will need to transport it, leather may not be the best choice. Leather can get damaged by a number of different things, and the open area on the bottom may allow items to get trapped inside.

If you would like a top that offers more options when it comes to positioning, then you may want to consider a pair of the new Galco Shoulder Strap. These shoulder straps offer a great deal of versatility, allowing you to either wear them under your uniform, or even wear them behind your back (when you are in a concealment). Since this top has an open area, it is very easy to place your gun inside, even though it is currently in your hand. This is especially great if you are on the job, since it means you can easily get your conceal carry weapon out without any problems.

You can also choose between the Galco Shoulder Strap with Conceal & Backup Release, and the newer models that include the traditional leather strap. The traditional leather top features an easily adjustable concealable top Velcro band, and a release buckle located on the back of your shirt. This top features both a concealable side, and a front strap for easy carrying. This top works great for those people who may prefer a different top that conceals more than it does a visible carry weapon.

Some of these should arm changes may not be practical, however. For those situations, you may want to consider purchasing a single shoulder holster, and use that as a replacement for your regular gun. If you do not have a concealable gun, but enjoy having a reliable backup, then a single shoulder holster will work well for you. This type of Holster is available at many online retailers at affordable prices, and many can be purchased for less than twenty dollars.