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Glock 26 Holster

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Buyer's Guide: Glock 26 Holster

How To Use A Glock 26 Holster And Cant Angle

The most compact option for your best Gliden 26 holster would be the Inside Waistband(IWB) Concealed carry Holster from CYA Supply Company. It s specifically designed to fit inside the trousers, helping to properly conceal your gun. This holster is extremely concealable and allows quick access to your firearm in any type of situation. I have carried several guns including theaurus models.

During times when I had to leave my firearm in my automobile, I always put the gun in my waistband in order to keep it from getting jumbled with my clothing. Recently I had to travel by plane and another airline carrier also has a rule that prohibits concealed firearms. Since my firearm is a registered item, they require an explicit letter of authority from me to store it in the cabin. This is really a problem, since an IWB holsters easily slips over the top of the belt and out of sight in the case of an airline flight. The Inside Waistband holsters on the other hand can be easily removed and stored.

If you are interested in purchasing a glock 26 holster, then you can check out the many different styles of holsters from the internet. The internet has made the shopping much easier these days. There are many web sites which sell different types of holsters including the traditional canteen, pouch, or shoulder holster. You can even shop now click on the link to read my review and find the perfect gun for you. I have been carrying my gun all my life, and here are my thoughts on four positions which I think are the most comfortable when wearing them.

First I will tell you about the conventional canteen, which is probably the most common type of holsters found on glock models. The conventional canteen will have either a leather or vinyl grip. Most of the time a canteen will feature a flat top or a rectangular top with a full grip. There is usually a hole in the front for the pistol to rest against. There will be an outside flap to allow for movement of the canteen to change its position, and also a hole in the back to attach the belt.

The conventional style of glock used a cant angle, or space between the trigger and the slide to lock it. This meant that the slide could not be moved while the gun was in the holster, this meant that it was more stable, and generally more comfortable. However there was always the risk of the slide coming free of the gun and firing when in an aggressive situation. The latest glock models use a Slide Stop, which is a small metal tab which closes over the slide to keep it in place and prevent it from moving. This means the slide is locked in its place with the rest of the gears, the cant angle is increased and more stability is achieved.

Slide Stop systems used to be made from high quality leather which has always been uncomfortable to wear. Now however you can get a slide stop system which is made from lightweight aluminum, these are great systems for lighter guns. The slide stop can be moved to any four positions from two to five. The five positions are the traditional carry, seated, prone, and standing.

The Glock 26 holster uses an easy to remove and install belt clip, this is great for people who often run on trips. The belt clips are held securely by the gun, there are separate clips for each of the four positions which can be detached and attached to the belt if needed. You can't tell from the picture but the actual belt clip slides through the holes in the gun, much like a large pen. The front sight of the pistol is also curved, which means the gun is easier to hold and shoot accurately.

All in all the Glock 26 holster provides excellent overall functionality. It is comfortable to wear, durable, easy to take apart and install, and the slide stop makes it extremely stable to use in any type of weather conditions. I highly recommend the use of these cant angle ghillie suits in your military or law enforcement training. They will increase your accuracy and help you to stay functional, especially if you are on the go. The added flexibility and protection is well worth the investment.