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Glock Magazine Holster

Glock Magazine Holder 9mm Magazine Holster The Ultimate...
  • DOUBLE MAGAZINE PADDLE HOLSTER Fits 9mm and .40 Caliber...
  • LOW PROFILE DESIGN For Better Concealment – Can Be Easily...
  • SOFT INJECTED SILICONE PADDLE For Maximum Comfort and...
  • ADJUSTABLE POUCH Rotates 360° With A Simple Adjustment...

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Which Glock Magazine Holster Should You Buy?

The new Gen 5 pistol is now available and since it has new design features, there are more accessories that can be added to the gun. One accessory that is a must have for this gun is the new Gen 5 Magazine Holster. The new Gen 5 Magazine Holster provides easy access to the pistol and its ammunition from the belt. No longer will you have to get out your gun when you need to take the shot. You can easily access the magazine and get ready to shoot. This accessory is perfect for your personal needs and makes carrying a new firearm simple and convenient.

The new Gen 5 Magazine Holster by Glock consists of an easily adjustable cantilever and an easily adjustable tension spring. The spring can be fully adjusted from an open to a fully closed position. The cantilever is fully loaded and indexed for optimal accuracy and can be fully locked and loaded. The magazine release is fully adjustable and features a fully locking latch. The magazine is fully foldable and has an oversized flap that provides complete protection from the elements.

In addition to all the features mentioned above, the Gen 5 Magazine Holster also features an adjustable cantilever and two removable back straps. There is also an optional cantilever attachment which can be attached to the bottom of the belt. This attachment can be fully locked for secure storage of your handgun. There are nine different colors to choose from so that you are sure to find the right accessory for your gun.

Some of the most popular modifications include an extended clip, an improved cantilever, or an adjustable hop-up. If you prefer to use an extra magazine then a cocking device on the bottom of your gun may also be required. An adjustable hop-up increases accuracy greatly as it enables you to maintain a fine accuracy range.

An excellent option for those who carry handguns regularly, the Gen 5 Holster includes an ergonomically designed carrying angle which is one half inch higher than the standard carrying angle on any standard handgun. This allows the user to have more comfort while wearing their accessory, and they can get used to carrying their weapon in a more comfortable position. The slide is easily removed, ensuring easy access to your firearm.

If you prefer to use an IWB (intended) Glocks, the Gen 5 Magazine Holster allows for quick access through either the front or the back of your waistband. It is a belt clip that attaches to your belt with six Velcro hook and loop fasteners. The magazine is compatible with most standard pistol magazines including Remington, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, and Stellman & Krag. You can easily convert your old pistol magazine to an IWB by using the included adapter kit.

This magazine also accommodates both the right-hand and left-hand shooters, and can be used as a regular (non Concealed Carry) handgun magazine or an IWB holster. The front sight of the magazine can be detached to transform the device into a regular magazine, while the rear sight will remain attached to the device. A spring loaded follower provides a strong and smooth operation when the trigger is pulled. The magazine features an easily readable textured surface, and can be easily changed from an Iwb holster to a regular (concealed carry) magazine. Due to the unique design of this device, it may not be compatible with some traditional unloaded pistols.

Currently there are three different options available for users looking to purchase an IWB holster or an extra magazine. There is the Gen 5 Tactical, which features the same leather exterior, and same snap in construction. The second option is the Gen 5 Gold Magazine Holster, which is similar to the Gen 5 Tactical, but features a different front sight. The third option is the Gen 5 Tactic, which is the most similar to the standard Gen 5 holsters. Based upon the above information it would appear that there are three distinct options in the current market, where one would be able to purchase either a regular (concealed carry) glock or an IWB (in the case of an IWB holster) based upon their own personal preference.