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Hammer Holster

MagnoGrip 002-399 Magnetic Hammer Holster, Black
  • Embedded with super strong magnets for holding nails, screws...
  • Ideal for both do-it yourself and industrial projects.
  • Sturdy steel angled hammer loop.
  • Compatible with most tool belts.

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The Hammer Holster - Which One is Right for You?

If you carry a gun for protection or just for convenience, a Hammer Holster is a perfect choice. A traditional model snaps around your gun when not in use, while a modified version is shaped like a pistol. Either way, you'll appreciate the specialized fit and design that only a holster can provide. Here are the benefits of a Hammer Holster compared to traditional leather holsters:

o Concealed Carry - With a conventional leather holster, you have to expose your handgun while wearing it. Not so with the Hammer Holster. The patented ClipTech hub allows this holster to easily snap onto and then off any belt. Works great with any ClipTech accessory belt, or alone. Also, this holster aligns your hammer in the back, keeping it comfortably out of the way.

o Easy accessibility - Many people carry a hammer holster with a quick-release system to make it accessible from the belt. This can be a problem for those who need the weapon closer to their body. The hammer holster has a belt ring that can be easily attached to any belt and secured. You can remove it when you're done using the gun. No more tools falling out of your pockets.

o Convenience - The drawstring (which can be removed) is one of the greatest features. You can easily tuck the hammer into the drawstring, avoiding a bulky box. Or, if you're not wearing a drawstring, you can leave the hammer positioned on the top of the belt loop. The Tourbon hardening prevents chafing against the trigger-happy parts of the gun. And because of the tough Tourbon lining, the steel won't corrode easily either.

o Weight - The weight is very close between the smallest of the Hammer Holster's seven inch long versions and the fully adjustable models that are four and one half pounds. Although, these aren't the official weights of the gun, they are close enough to be considered the same. When it comes to carrying around a gun, anything less than eight or nine pounds is too light. When you add the weight of a wallet, cell phone, keys, etc., you will see why some people prefer the lighter Hammer Holster over others.

o Durability - When comparing durability of the different types of Hammer Holster options you should also take a look at the manufacturer. Some brands may be better than others. A few of the names that you may want to keep an eye on include Magna Grip, GEC, and Plano.

o Attachments - Some accessories that are important when using a traditional key chain type of tool holster are rivets, anchor points, and other attachment points. Some of the more popular attachments to consider when choosing a Hammer Holster include tools and lanyards. You should consider each of these features in order to determine which is best for your purposes.

The next time you need to carry a gun while traveling, take a look at the unique possibilities that are offered with the Hammer Holster. This innovative product makes the process of carrying a gun around easier than ever. You will love how easy it is to adjust the length of the belt or to get a larger or smaller accent to allow you to get a better grip on the gun. For even more comfort, there are also belt loops and drawstring pouches that make this an excellent choice.

When looking for the ideal accessory for this type of product, you will appreciate that there is plenty to like and admire. The innovative design allows for easy adjustment of the length of the belt or the drawstring pouches. You also get a secure fit with the swivel clip that allows for easy attachment to your belt. In addition, you will appreciate how the hammer close feature protects your gun from being stolen. This is perfect for hunters, motorists, or anyone else who may need a quick way to access their gear.

The high quality construction of this product makes it a unique accessory for any self-defense weapon. Many consumers have expressed concern over the fact that traditional firearms are not always compatible with some models of the Hammer Holster. However, there are several different types of holders available including steel, leather, and a custom made one in the shape of a gun.

Many states in the U.S. have specific laws that require owners of concealed weapons to equip their weapon with a hammer holster that complies with local regulations. For example, in Maryland, it is strictly prohibited for any person under the age of 18 to possess a weapon or ammunition in any other manner. If caught, you could be fined heavily or even sentenced to jail. This is just one reason that it is important to always practice proper firearm safety when around people. A smart consumer will research all of their options and select the best option for their lifestyle.