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The Best Handcuff Holster

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Handcuff Sheath-Holster-Holder, Heavy Duty Nylon
  • Product Type: Utility Holster Pouch
  • Package Dimensions: 3.2 L x 11.5 W x 13.3 H (centimeters)
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Package Weight: 0.043 kilograms
Rank 2
Polymer Handcuff Case Fit Hinged Handcuffs Chain Handcuffs |...
  • 【Polymer Handcuff Case】This handcuff holder will fit...
  • 【Quick pulling straight up for quick release】Top snap...
  • 【Fit 1.5’’ & 1.75’’ & 2.0’’ Wide Belt】This...
  • 【Injection Molding, Durable Polymer】Injection molding...
  • 【LIFETIME WARRANTY】No questions asked return policy and...
Rank 3
Bianchi Accumold 8034 Open Top Cuff Case, Fits Standard...
  • Fits one pair of standard chain or hinge style handcuffs
  • 600-Denier woven exterior
  • Contour molded for long-lasting shape and precise fit
  • Dual web belt loop, fits 2"-2.25" belts
  • Pull through style handcuff case
Rank 4
Kydex Handcuff Case Fit ASP Handcuffs & Hinged Handcuffs &...
  • 【USA Kydex Universal Handcuff Case】Fit Hinged & Chain...
  • 【Strap Removable】Nylon snap closure gives additional...
  • 【Retention Adjustable】Retention can be adjusted to fit...
  • 【Fit 1.5’’ & 1.75’’ & 2.0’’ & 2.25’’ Wide...
  • 【LIFETIME WARRANTY】No questions asked return policy and...
ON SALE!Rank 5
9007234 Safariland 573 Open Top Magazine & Handcuff Pouch...
  • Combination single magazine holder/handcuff pouch
  • Unique paddle design features a self-locking belt hook
  • Adjustable tension device
  • Fits up to 1.75 in. (45 mm) belt
  • As with all shooting accessories, the "hand" of this item is...

Buyer's Guide

HandCuff Holsters - Perfect For All Types of Handgun Owners

A Handcuff Holster was not really intended for the general public. It was actually designed and created by law enforcement personnel. It was intended to be used on a person that has a hard time getting their hands around a firearm, and that is usually for self defense. The holster was designed to strap on the individual's belt rather than their waistband. In other words if you were able to get your hands around the gun, but your hands are full of handcuffs, you could still draw your gun and shoot the person with the leverage you have with the holster. If they try to kick or elbow you, the chain handcuffs will still work as they were designed.

This is my favorite e-mail to a friend of mine. He received an e-mail from an agency that was working with an undercover agent. The subject of the e-mail wanted to know if the Handcuff Holster fit two requirements. The first requirement was if it was a concealable device, which means that it can be carried in plain view at all times. The second requirement was if it had to have two keys, which according to the e-mail is required because the agent might have to take control of one of them during an encounter and have it turned around and take the other one with them.

The reason the agent wanted to know the answers to these questions was to make sure that this product would work for the agent. Did the Handcuff Holster fit two belt loops? Did the holster come with a keychain? Does the holster meet all the requirements? He asked because he was looking at purchasing a similar product and he wanted to make sure it was going to work properly.

I asked him why he asked these questions. He said that he was specifically asking the question to make sure that the product would work. He hadn't seen the attachment to the holster; he just wanted to make sure it worked. The attachment to the holster would need to have a vintage leather belt size to fit over the belt and have a key chain that attaches to it. He wanted to make sure that the attachment worked with the belt not being too big or too small. It should be able to fit on either the left or right side of the belt.

If you are asking the question is the holster works on the inside of the leg, then it will be easier for you to get the attachment to work properly. This attachment has to be on the inside of the leg in order to work properly. You don't want to use it on the outside because the holster won't be secured there.

The leather belt that goes with the holster is made to fit the belt loops on your belt. When you purchase the holster, they will measure out the belt loops to the proper size for the belt loops on the gun and then they will customize the attachment to go over the belt. This is very easy to do, especially when you take your gun to the local gunsmith to have it mounted.

If you have questions about how the attachment goes, then the staff will be happy to help you. They will explain everything that you need to know. They will also be able to tell you if the attachment that they have makes a noticeable difference in the way that the gun looks. The retention is also important because if you ever put anything on the holster and you have to take it off, it will keep the item secure until you take it off again.

Handcuff holster are very popular and are one of the most commonly used accessories. Holsters are becoming more popular with every day use and are finding their way into every day carry as well. Many people will purchase a holster for their belt after they find out how handy they are. The attachment that is used for belt holsters is one that is designed to work for any size belt. Whether you are using it to carry a large gun or a small one, the attachment will work for you.