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Heavy Duty Leather Gun Belts

1 1/2" Stitched Heavy Duty Leather Gun Belt Black 36
  • 100% FULL GRAIN PREMIUM LEATHER –14 ounces thick and 1...
  • STRONG GUN BELT– This belt won’t roll out from the...
  • 10 YEAR GUARANTEE – Our belts are guaranteed at least 10...
  • REMOVABLE BUCKLE – Each buckle is attached with Chicago...

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Heavy Duty Leather Gun Belts: Tips For Buying the Best Products

Heavy Duty Leather Gun Belts are an accessory that every avid sportsman should own. Whether you hunt, shoot, or just enjoy a good old fashion hunting trip with your friends, a gun belt is an essential accessory to own. Gun belts not only keep the guns secure, but also provide additional comfort and ease while the hunter goes about their daily chores. It is important for the belt to be high-quality leather; however, there are many types of leather belts that are available in the market today. Here are some of the different types of belt buckles you can choose from:

- Plain Sag Buckle - One of the more popular heavy duty leather gun belts, this one features a plain black leather belt with metal studs. The studs are arranged randomly around the belt to give the illusion of size and form, while providing security for your guns. This type of belt is great for those who prefer a more basic style of belt buckle, or even one without any kind of design or pattern. This one is perfect for men and women alike because it is very slim and doesn't add a lot to your waistline.

- Plain Zippered Buckle - This is a great style of belt buckle that is perfect for everyday use. With the flat bottomed look, this buckle is a classic accessory. This type of belt has an open top on one end, which allows you to slip a handgun or other devices through the belt and onto your thigh. This high-quality leather buckle offers the utmost versatility while adding a little bling at the same time. This one can usually be found in black or other darker colors.

- Lighterweight Sag Gun Belts - These are excellent choices for anyone looking for a quick way to add a little bling to their wardrobe. If you don't need a belt that weighs a lot, but still wants something to protect your gear from the rigors of travel and rugged living, a heavy-duty sag belt is perfect for you. These look just like regular leather gun belts, but with a sturdier construction and a smooth transition from side to side. They often feature hidden zippers for a secure fit and long-lasting durability.

- Tactical Belt Holsters - Did you know that there's a special category of gun belt holsters? These are designed specifically to work as gun belts, yet they have the added benefit of not being attached to anything. This means you can remove them anytime you like, eliminating any potential of accidental misplacement. Because these holsters don't need to be connected to your belt, this also means they can be worn on their own. A tactical belt holster is a perfect choice for individuals who carry their gun in a separate compartment, such as on a belt, ankle, or hip.

- Customized Belts - There are also leather holsters available that have been tailor-made by previous owners. In the same way that customized jeans are made specifically for your body, gun holsters can be made with specific cuts, materials, and shapes. This option is ideal for individuals who don't want to have to conform to existing designs, but still want a unique appearance. The owner of a custom belt can choose the type of leather they want, dye it, add decorations, and essentially turn it into the perfect tool for whatever they're going to use it for. Not only will it be unique, but it will probably last longer than your traditional belt.

- Customized Hangers - If you're looking for something a little more stylish, you may want to consider getting leather gun straps customized. These are great if you're trying to match an existing belt, but still want something that will stand out from the crowd. A professional will usually use rivet or anchor lines to connect the two sides, allowing them to move back and forth freely. While this could mean a higher price per pair, it could mean a lifetime of use and fewer worries about falling off. Most people don't mind paying extra for such a convenience, especially since they're not losing any valuable functionality in the process.

While there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping around, these are minor things that you'll probably find to be unnecessary. Most gun holsters and belts will meet or exceed safety standards, if they're of good enough quality. The sag factor won't matter much if your belt is durable enough to support whatever it is you're carrying. You should also make sure that your new accessory will work with your belt. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of having to go back and forth to change it out, which can get tiring!