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Buyer's Guide: Hidden Gun Safe

When most people are looking for gun safes, they'll pay attention to the ones with the most security features. After all, these safes are inherently the safest firearm storage method you can find, considering they feature thick steel construction, various locking mechanisms, and more.

However, a potentially dangerous downside to them is that they're visible and easy to spot. Most gun safes don't even feature a hidden compartment, let alone being inconspicuous. If an unfortunate situation were to happen, you won't have the element of surprise. Plus, everyone will know where you keep your valuables or guns.

As such, hidden gun safes are arguably the better home defense option. Whether in the form of a decorative clock, wall shelf, or coffee table - no one will know what their true purpose is.

Unless you tell everyone. But we'll talk about that a bit later down the line. For now, let's start with this review and remember - everything that you learn here is secret. So shh..

Why hidden gun safes important

Because you never know what can happen, and it often does. Sure, you might be thinking that theft, breaking-and-entering, and even worse scenarios will evade you in the future because you've not been targetted but - what if?

This is why most homeowners take advantage of hidden gun storage options and invest in home security. When you hide your guns instead of locking them up, you provide yourself plenty of opportunity to defend yourself, your loved ones, and your home.

The opportunities are truly endless when it comes to the concealment of weaponry so take your time to think everything through and measure everything. There have been plenty of cases where gun owners purchased a pistol safe only to find out their .50 cal Desert Eagle can't fit inside.

In any case, hidden gun safes are a necessity because:

  1. If you don't have to use the gun inside, the safe itself will blend in nicely with the environment.
  2. If you do have to use the gun - you'll have fast access and a fully functional weapon in your hand in no time.

Convenient and safe, that's the gist of why hidden gun safes are important.

Hidden gun safe advantages

Both regular and hidden gun safes have advantages over the other. Hidden storage is all about discretion and concealment. It's less about the protection of the items within and more about being hidden from unwanted eyes.

If others don't know you even own a safe - they can't steal anything from you even if they wanted to. The effectiveness of these gun safes banks on their non-existence per se.


Large, bulky, metal gun safes are heavy and incredibly easy to spot. In some places, you might not be allowed to even have one.

But hidden gun safes are generally small, or at least medium-sized. They're also difficult to find if the person doesn't know what they're looking for. Hidden safes offer gun owners the ability to gain the element of surprise in any situation. No one will think to look behind a mirror on the wall or inside an alarm clock.

Easy access to hidden firearms

With enough money and a tactic, you can outfit your home with a weapon and magazines in every room - and none would be the wiser.

The feature most people are looking for from a hidden gun safe is quick and easy gun access. Thanks to how these safes were designed, you could place a shotgun inside your coffee table. If someone kicks in your door or tries to attack you by other means - you must react quickly and efficiently.

And popping open your coffee table to reveal a concealed gun is just about the best option you have in such situations. As long as the bad guys aren't expecting it - you win.

Multiple hidden safes mean better survivability and defense

The great thing about these gun safes is that you can place a plethora of them throughout your home. You won't need to move furniture around your living room to make room for a gun safe because - your furniture is gun safes!

Okay, so maybe having 15 hidden gun safes isn't a great idea.. Right?

Wrong! The probability of one of them being found increases with the number of gun safes you have lying around. But it doesn't matter if anyone finds the one because all others will still be hidden and they'll most likely focus just on that one. They won't know there's more unless they know there is.

Also, our advice is to place them strategically throughout your home or apartment; you never know where something might happen so it's best to have at least one hidden gun safe in each room.

Hidden gun safe disadvantages

Even genius ideas and solutions have their disadvantages and the same can be said about hidden gun safes. Although, these disadvantages act more like cautions to the owner than anything else. All you need to do is keep these facts in mind when purchasing and using such a home defense system and you'll be fine.

Definitely not fireproof!

Whatever you do, make sure you put out any fires quickly and try to prevent them from happening in the first place. Still, a fire might break out no matter how careful you are in which case - you can consider the gun safes (and valuables) that are within - gone.

These gun safes are not made to be fireproof in any way. They are just representations of everyday objects, with a secret compartment or two for gun storage. If you can, put out the fire as quickly as possible. If not.. Well, you'll have to buy more stuff most likely.

Easy to crack, destroy, pry open, access the gun and valuables inside

See that picture frame gun safe you just bought? It's gonna crack at the slightest of hits. And so will any other hidden gun safe most likely.

The truth is, these hidden gun safes offer little in terms of strength and durability. An attacker and bad guy might not even know you have a coffee table that is actually hidden gun storage and he may accidentally break it. And when that happens, you can consider the guns lost.

Always make sure you have multiple home security solutions in place as that's the only way you can be sure you are ready at all times.

They can take a long time to assemble

Some of the larger hidden gun safes can take days, if not weeks to assemble. There are also cases where you won't be able to do it alone and you'll need a helping hand. Time is often of the essence when it comes to home defense so be mindful of the time it takes to set these up.

Five pieces of advice to live by and improve the gun safe's security and concealment

Although most people think that a concealed gun safe is completely hidden and inconspicuous, the opposite is actually true.

Their effectiveness at being camouflaged depends on the gun owner as well. What you do around the house is what determines whether or not it's obvious you have some hidden guns. Make sure you follow these tips to have peace of mind all day, every day as they might save your life one day (but hopefully it never comes to that).

Don't talk!

Sharing your success in buying a hidden gun safe can spell disaster. Rumors aren't the only thing that spreads around quickly; you may tell a friend about it and that friend will tell a friend and, before you know it, a completely random person will know about your gun safe.

Keep this information to yourself as you are the only person you can trust 100%.

Make sure it's truly hidden

On rare occasions, hidden gun safes aren't actually as hidden as you'd expect. Maybe a handle or some other element of it stands out. Maybe that concealment clock always shows the same time that makes it obvious something's not right.

You have to be careful setting up your hidden safe. It's imperative you do because otherwise, the safe itself loses its purpose. The least you can do is have a backstory to why something is awry (ie. clock hands showing 6 PM - your story is that the clock is broken but you like the aesthetic, the batteries need replacing, etc.)

Remove the logos wherever possible

Some gun safes come with logos or imprints that show which company made them. These are a dead giveaway that the hidden gun safe isn't actually a regular object but something more.

Carefully examine each and every gun safe you buy and remove the logos, imprints, and markings that might alert people about their true purpose.

Be mindful of what you store in the gun safe

As we've said throughout the article, you need to be ready for all situations. Imagine an example where you're sleeping and hear glass breaking downstairs. You reach for your nightside hidden gun storage, take out your gun but - you've got no flashlight and no extra mags.

This dramatically reduces your chances of success and survival. Make sure to pack your gun safes appropriately with various equipment and magazines.

Clean and tidy keeps the gun safes hidey

If you've got loads of ammo boxes, gun boxes, gun company logos, and body armor or two lying around - you've already given yourself away.

Thieves can simply look through your window and see all of this, thus automatically assuming you're a gun owner. And if that happens, they'll think of a plan of attack where you don't have the element of surprise anymore.

Clean up after yourself and place all such items in relevant storage or other gun safes you have around your home.

Tool Box Gun Safe

Many safes offer multiple functions for extra security. A tool box gun safe is the best answer for keeping important items in a protected environment. Security features will ensure that nothing is overlooked in an organized home. Shop online to find the best selection and lowest prices on this safe style.

The first step is to measure the space that you have available where you intend to put this tool box gun safe. You can use a tape measure or a scale reading to get the exact dimensions. If you are unsure of the dimensions, it is a good idea to have a second opinion.

You can choose from three standard sizes when you are making your online purchase; five, six, seven, eight and nine quart capacity gun box safes. Your choice of size will be dictated by the items you are planning to store. It is always a good idea to have a spare key or combination box somewhere at home, so that a quick key retrieval is possible in case of emergency. When selecting a convenient location for your safe, it is always good to find a large, free standing area in your garage, house, or storage shed. Many of the larger safe companies offer secure warehouse locations where you can leave your valuables for pickup, along with a twenty four hour service call if you need to have your item repaired after hours.

Your selected size and capacity should be adequate for storing the contents of your gun safe. Do not attempt to overload the unit with large or heavy items. You should leave room for smooth rolling process of insertion and removal of your items into the safe. When you are ready to open up your gun safe for storage, simply turn the key right onto the safe's side, and access it through the top opening. You should be able to quickly and easily insert small items such as nails, tape measures, pliers and screw drivers, by turning the right side of the safe towards the front of the safe, and pushing the release button.

A larger safe may include additional features such as an internal check and balance system, an internal locking mechanism for extra security, and a coded locking system. When your safe includes these features, you will need to provide a unique two gun safe keys code r00. You will need to provide your unique two gun safe keys code r00 for each specific safe you may wish to access, by way of a keypad installed on the safe itself. You can also provide one single code for the entire safe and its contents, and use the same key for both. This allows your loved ones to have access to all parts of the safe, in case you are not available to provide your special codes at some point during their visit.

Most two gun safe keys code r00 systems are intended for the purpose of providing multiple levels of access to a firearm when in use, and is typically located within easy reach of the user. It is usually small enough to fit within a wallet or other small purse, yet large enough to contain a number of firearms, and related equipment. If you choose to purchase this type of safe for use in an home, it is advisable to purchase the best model available, as these are usually quite dependable and durable.

The most common use for this safe is in the home or office environment. A person may find themselves in a situation where they must protect either their cash, weapons, or important documents from accidental use or theft. In situations where people must work in the dark or are often away from home, having a safe that can be opened quickly and easily by key will ensure the safety of their belongings. Key safes can also be used to access personal belongings of the user, such as clothing and personal effects. In these instances, the user would have no problem remembering a specific combination to open the safe, ensuring the quick retrieval of whatever was needed.

Purchasing a gun safe online allows for a fast and convenient transaction, and offers the user much more flexibility than traditional retailers. When shopping on the internet, you can simply perform an easy online search to find and purchase a safe, and usually you can view detailed photos of the product. You can then select which model you would like, and provide any specifics, such as dimensions, material, and desired location. You can also choose between many different price ranges, depending on the features of the product.

The majority of online gun safe retailers include detailed instructions on how to safely open the safe. In addition, most sites also offer a limited warranty, should the safe need repair or be opened improperly. This warranty usually covers mechanical malfunctions for as long as the site owner is still working with the seller. Alternatively, you can purchase additional warranty protection through certain retailers, although it is recommended that you do not purchase extra protection that you would not need. Shop around to find the best price and product for your safe protection needs, and you can feel confident in your purchase.

Reviews Of The Best Hidden Gun Safes From Our Research

San Tan Woodworks Carved Burnt Wood Concealment American Flag

An exceptional piece of craftsmanship, the San Tan Woodworks American flag hidden safe is not only beautiful but functional as well. No one will ever know that the flag actually has hidden guns in it. It comes at an affordable $165 dollars and if you can control your excitement for a week - you'll have a wonderful hidden gun safe on your wall.

The safe features a magnetic locking mechanism with which you'll be able to open the safe quickly. Though, keep in mind that virtually anyone can open it provided they have a powerful enough magnet. With that said, the safe wasn't meant to be resistant to unlawful opening; it is meant to be decoration (with a hidden purpose).

Made of solid wood by Arizona veterans, the design quality of this safe is exceptional. It'll also prevent damage or scratches to your weapons. Overall, the San Tan Woodworks American flag safe is the best combination of compartment space and concealment for the money.


  • $165+
  • Solid wood artistic design
  • Foam padding
  • Magnetic lock
  • Handmade by Arizona veterans


  • Meticulous crafting and gorgeous aesthetic
  • Excellent concealment
  • Foam padding prevents damage to guns inside
  • Magnetic lock allows fast access to stored weapons
  • All parts needed for mounting on the wall are included


  • Long production time and a one-week shipping delay
  • Easy to access with a large enough magnet

V-Line Hide Away Keyless Security Syste

The second entry in our list is considered the best gun safe for hiding under certain surfaces such as desks. It is quite expensive but the price is justified with the safe's durability, concealment, and quick access being exceptional.

All it takes is a couple of minutes of your time and voilá - you've just installed this gun safe. When it comes to the pull-out drawer-style storage compartment, there's space for 2 handguns or one handgun and some valuables.

The felt lining on the inside will make sure no damage be done to your firearms or other items you place in the safe. The V-Line Hide Away handgun safe is a great investment where you get both strength and concealment which is somewhat uncommon among hidden gun safes.


  • $275+
  • 5-button mechanical locking mechanism
  • pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Felt lining
  • Pry brackets on the inside to prevent prying


  • Able to be mounted under any surface
  • Interior lining that protects your valuables and guns
  • Surprisingly durable
  • Quick and easy access; push-button lock mechanism


  • Somewhat expensive

Casual Home Lincoln Nightstand

No intruder is going to expect a nightstand to actually be an arsenal of weapons. That's why this hidden gun safe is very attractive to gun owners. One piece of advice we've found from said gun owners is that having more than one is even better. It can also be placed in the living room as an end table.

The price is spicy. If you are unsure whether or not the nightstand will stand out in your home, it's best to search for other options.

However, due to the safe's nature and construction, the price isn't as bad as under first impressions. The hidden compartment is spacious and easily accessible by pressing the magnetic trigger. The shelf on top is primarily used for gun storage but it also has 2 functional drawers (only the shelf is of concealed nature).

Taking everything into account, the Casual Home Lincoln nightstand hidden safe is a great choice to have in your bedroom for that much-needed peace of mind.


  • $450+
  • Made of solid wood
  • Magnetic trigger
  • Magnetic key and locking device
  • Felt interior


  • Completely inconspicuous
  • Very versatile
  • Quick access through the use of the magnetic trigger
  • Flush nightstand design
  • Felt interior for protection from scratches and bumps


  • Very expensive
  • Assembly is difficult

Ps Products Ps Concealment Clock

Now here's one gun safe for the ages - a concealed clock! And a functional one at that too.

Looking at it, it's easy to understand why it's one of the best-hidden gun safes on the market. It's easy to use (single AA battery needed for it to work), easy to transport, and easy to access!

What's more, the versatility of where it can be placed is great; it's a clock so as long as you place it somewhere where it makes sense, no one will ever come to think that it's something more than a clock.

The price is laughable, just $50 for a hidden safe is basically a bargain. The downsides aren't that influential but they do exist - namely, the lock won't stop any dedicated thief from breaking into it. It also doesn't offer too much storage capacity.


  • $50+
  • Magnetic locking system
  • Engineered-wood construction
  • Single AA battery needed


  • Perfectly camouflaged
  • Stylish mahogany finish
  • Fully functional clock with Quartz movement
  • Very cheap
  • Small enough to be placed almost anywhere


  • Weak lock
  • Small storage compartment

American Furniture Classics 502 Concealment Bench

A great, spacious hidden gun safe that should ideally be used in the living room. It offers plenty of room to place all kinds of long guns or handguns along with magazines and more. However, it is pretty heavy. You'll probably need two people to move it into place.

It offers acceptable safety and unauthorized access prevention but it's nothing stellar. The quality isn't great either due to the leather used in its construction. Wood is always better but hey - as long as it keeps the guns hidden, it's fine.

Overall, this is a great safe for the money and it works awesome as a simple bench as well. One final useful feature is that the upper compartment (when opened) still keeps the lower compartment hidden from view. However, this means it'll take slightly longer to reach your guns so keep that in mind.


  • $170+
  • Dual safety
  • Anti-copy keys come with the bench
  • Removable wooden tray
  • Soft fabric interior
  • Upper compartment offers extra concealment of the lower compartment


  • Loads of storage space
  • Two layers of hidden storage
  • Many different camo/leather combinations
  • Soft fabric protects guns from damage


  • Quality could be better
  • Heavy

Castlecreek Gun Concealment Wall Shelf

Although this gun safe isn't secure (no lock at all), it does work perfectly as furniture. The Castlecreek Gun Concealment wall shelf has 3 hanging hooks for coats and jackets, and the top surface can be decorated with regular decorations.

Accessing the firearms is fast; just pop-open the secret compartment and grab your guns with ease. The inside is lined with felt to prevent dents and knocks to your guns.

This wall gun safe is quite affordable too coming in at $80.

Lastly, the wall safe does look nice however, it isn't made of real wood. Not much more to say about this one - it's nicely disguised, cheap, and does the job it's meant to.


  • $80+
  • 3 hanging hooks
  • Felt interior
  • Flush design


  • Completely disguised as a wall shelf
  • Nice amount of storage space
  • Wall safe that can be placed on any wall
  • Cheap
  • Lighting fast access


  • No lock whatsoever
  • Fake wood
  • Virtually no security

Having a travel gun safe is a smart move and offers extra protection during driving. In general, travel gun safes are small and compact so they don't take up too much space in a vehicle.

The Rocket Offroad RO-JP-LK1 can primarily be installed in a couple of Jeep Wrangler models without too much hassle. They're also surprisingly durable for the cheap $50 price. This gun safe model is made from carbon steel.

The locking mechanism is nothing fancy; just a regular lock and key. Still, the lock is pick-resistant so thieves won't be able to crack it so easily.

One downside of this gun safe is that there's no handle - you need to pull on the key to open the storage compartment. If you aren't careful and gentle with it, there's a chance you'll damage the key.


  • $50+
  • Regular key lock
  • Made specifically for the Jeep Wrangler 2 door (2007-2010) & the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (2007-2017) but can be used in some other models as well
  • Carbon steel construction
  • Pick-resistant lock


  • Exceptionally affordable
  • Lots of space in the hidden compartment
  • Very durable and tough
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Quick and easy installation


  • No pull handle (can only be opened by pulling the drawer with the key)

Hidden Gun Storage Picture Frame

Enrich and beautify your surroundings with this wonderful wall frame for pictures! What's that? You can hide a GUN in it? Well, that's even better then.

Choose from a wide variety of available pictures to display, mount the picture from on a wall, and hide your gun in it. Installation is very simple; attach the backing board onto a wall, screw in the pre-drilled holes and that's it.

You can access the firearm inside by using the provided magnets to open the magnetic latch. Keep in mind, however, that this isn't a very secure system. All it takes is a large magnet and anyone can open it. So it's a good thing that it's a hidden gun safe. Also, this hidden gun storage picture frame costs $125 which is slightly more expensive than expected.


  • $125+
  • Comes in horizontal or vertical picture options
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy installation
  • Magnetic latch
  • Large dimensions (11" x 14")
  • Comes with installation hardware


  • Perfectly flush with the wall
  • Gun is safe, hidden, and quickly accessed
  • The latch opens downward or to the side depending on the picture orientation
  • Easy installation


  • Pricey
  • Accessible by anyone with a strong-enough magnet

GunVault SVB500

If you work from home or somewhere where firearms are allowed, this is one of the best hidden gun safes you can get. It's attached to the underside of any surface ie. a table or a work desk. Quick access to the gun is guaranteed with the biometric fingerprint scanner.

Gun concealment is a big deal for GunVault and that can be seen on their gun case models. As long as this gun safe is properly secured and hidden, no one will ever know it exists.

On the other hand, the hidden compartment can only fit one handgun but this shouldn't be an issue considering the safe's purpose and design. Small dimensions mean it's also quite flexible about what you can attach it to and where.

In general, the SVB500 is an amazing value-for-money handgun safe.


  • $130+
  • 18-Gauge steel construction
  • Biometric fingerprint scanner
  • 17-year replacement or repair guarantee
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Uses 9-vault battery (2 backup keys provided if the battery dies)


  • Fingerprint scanner completely prevents unauthorized access and use of the gun safe
  • Interior light
  • Foam interior
  • Strong steel construction
  • Great security
  • Small dimensions
  • Quick and easy access to the weapon


  • Loud when accessing the gun
  • Somewhat pricey

Concealment Coffee Table

One of the more expensive hidden gun safes, the ProtectYourShelves group has ensured maximum quality with this model. Made by passionate US veterans, it features a handmade design with an RFID locking system. Simply place the RFID card and the table will open. Security is not an issue that this coffee table safe has.

The interior space is quite large meaning you can fit multiple firearms inside and some magazines (or valuables if you're feeling funky). The coffee table can be hidden in plain sight without anyone knowing any different.

The $900 price tag will turn away some buyers but if you want a handmade gun safe made in the US by veterans with great security and large dimensions, this is the perfect safe for you.


  • $900+
  • Handmade design by US veterans
  • RFID lock
  • Foam interior


  • Exceptionally well designed
  • Completely inconspicuous and disguised as a coffee table
  • RFID lock prevents unauthorized access to table contents
  • Loads of space in the hidden compartment to fit one or two long guns, a few handguns, and some magazines
  • Great piece of furniture as well


  • Extremely expensive

Tactical Traps Mirror MAX

The TacticalTraps Mirror MAX belongs to the best hidden gun safes list for good reason. Meticulously crafted to look like a regular mirror, this hidden gun safe is another unique piece of home security to have in your home.

The safe has an RFID lock that can be opened via fingerprint, RFID, and a smartphone app! Quite a lot of methods to choose from. Apart from that, installation is simple - no sheetrock or wall cutting necessary.

The secret compartment can fit a few firearms; a rifle and a couple of handguns. The Mirror MAX comes at a hefty price of $530 so it's somewhat expensive, but the features and quality completely justify it.

Overall, even a $530 investment in one of the best hidden gun safes will improve your home security and protection capabilities.


  • $530+
  • Hardwood frame
  • Custom foam
  • RFID locking method
  • Functional mirror
  • Magnetic + gas lock
  • Fingerprint reader
  • LED lighting system


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Custom foam can fit any of your firearms
  • Multiple methods to access firearms


  • Not bulletproof
  • Somewhat expensive

Final Thoughts

From a tactical and safety perspective, hidden gun safes are a much better choice to hide your firearm than a regular safe. You can hide them in plain sight all around your home which enables a strategic advantage in case something goes wrong. With most of them, you'll quickly access your gun since there is low or zero security.

They're great for hiding a firearm from your children as well! Normal safes are big and bulky and we all know how stubborn kids can get. An inconspicuous clock on a nightstand won't cause even the slightest interest from them or rather, they'd never think there's a gun in there.

In general, hidden gun safes can be slightly more expensive than regular ones so be mindful of that. Still, they're a great investment and most of them look nice with the furniture as well!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hidden Gun Safes

Do hidden gun safes offer quick weapon access?

Most hidden gun safes are created with quick access in mind. Otherwise, they wouldn't be as useful as they are.

It's imperative for a gun owner to quickly reach for his weapon but the time it takes to do it differs from gun safe to gun safe. Some are slower than others which can prove to be a problem but this is done to improve security. Overall, hidden gun safes provide ample time to access the weapon inside.

Should I buy a cheap hidden gun safe?

Cheap hidden gun safes aren't inherently bad but you should still look at the reason for their lower price. For example, there is a concealment clock available for cheap - is it because some of its features are poor, or is it due to something else? Well, talking specifically about the clock - it's down to the size.

Smaller gun safes cost less than bigger ones so you could easily find an effective, hidden gun safe for pennies basically.

The usual deal with cheaper hidden gun safes is that you won't get plenty of space to hide your firearms or some incredible locking system - but you will get a great value product that will do the job on specific occasions.

Will guns rust in a gun safe?

Unfortunately, there exists the possibility of rust forming on your weapons if they are left untreated. Moisture naturally appears within every single gun safe (except ones that come pre-equipped with a dehumidifier but those are expensive).

You should always be aware of this and be prepared to act as soon as you see signs of rusting. However, we recommend you take the preventative route and prepare your gun safes in advance so as not to allow rust to even form.

How to prevent rusting and fight moisture within the gun safe?

You've basically got two potential options here. Depending on the gun safe size, you'll either use silicone packets (very cheap and can be bought in bulk) or a dehumidifier. Silicone packets are absolutely amazing when it comes to smaller hidden gun safes such as clocks, quick-release safes, and travel safes.

Get them in bulk and you'll basically be set for life. These silicone packets extract moisture from the air thus preventing rusting on your guns.

For larger gun safes, you'll need a dehumidifier. And not just any kind, either. Specially designed dehumidifiers for gun safes don't take up plenty of space and are the only viable option for getting moisture levels down.