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Holster For Beretta 92Fs

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Armadillo Tan Leather Shoulder Holster Right Hand Draw for...
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FAQs: Holster For Beretta 92Fs

Is the Beretta 92FS a good home defense gun?

The M9/92FS is an excellent choice for home defense weapons. It has a good record with civilian and LEO shooters. An M9 is reliable, ergonomic, chambered for 9mm cartridge, and can keep your home and family safe.

Is the Beretta 92 reliable?

This gun is one of the most reliable guns available. It was probably older than I was at the time, but it worked flawlessly. The Beretta has been proven to be one the most reliable pistols, passing all three military tests without any issues.

Does it allow you to carry an extra magazine?

An easy-to-carry mag pouch that can hold more ammunition is always appreciated. However, a mag pouch is unnecessary for most people, except for those who are regularly at the range of work in armed private security.

Does it have a way of adjusting how tightly the gun fits?

The holster should secure the gun securely enough to prevent it from being grabbed by another person. It should also allow for a comfortable walking motion without causing a swinging motion. The gun must be free enough to allow the owner to draw quickly. The gun's surface can be scratched if the holster is too tight.

Is it versatile? Can it safely be used for other gun models other than the Beretta 92FS?

You might avoid purchasing a holster if you have multiple handguns. Holsters can be used to carry more than one type gun. Look for holsters that include your gun model in their compatibility lists to get the best results.

Buyer's Guide: Holster For Beretta 92Fs

Buyer's Guide: Holster For Beretta 92Fs

The Beretta 92FS, a full-sized handgun with an excellent reputation, is best known as a tactical weapon. The military and police use it, but it can also be used for civilian purposes. It is also helpful as a hunting weapon. Its combination of a short recoil firing cycle and a fast firing rate makes it an excellent choice for hunting or protecting your loved ones on hiking and camping trips. This handy weapon will require a holster. Retention is the most important concern for a full-sized weapon, particularly when it comes outside of the waistband holsters.


Beretta 92FS 9mm gun is made in Italy. It is attractive for both civilians and professionals alike.

  • High accuracy: Meets or exceeds the US military requirement for 10 shots in a 3' area starting at 50 meters.
  • Open slide design: Improves bullet cycling and reduces misfire issues like stove-piping
  • The unique finish resists corrosion and sweat. It is also anti-glare, so the sun will not glint off your gun.
  • Ambidextrous safety: Suitable for left- or right-handed shooters.
  • Round hammer: The hammer's design is more comfortable when concealed.
  • You can choose to fire single or double actions in any way you like.

There are always negatives in life, and this firearm is no exception.

  • The 92FS is large and heavy, weighing 33.3 oz when unloaded. It measures 8.5 inches by 1.5 inches. Some people may find it difficult to conceal. It may be difficult for those with smaller hands or shorter fingers to shoot because of its size.
  • Double action trigger: The double-action trigger on 92FS can be heavy. This could make your first shot less accurate.

Choosing a Beretta 92FS Holster

You have many options for a Beretta 92FS holster. This is a very popular handgun. However, it can be very hard to settle on a holster because of this. Inadvertently, you could pay top dollar for a substandard product or spend very little and end up with something that barely works.

These are the main things you should pay attention to when choosing a holster.

  • Does it conceal the gun well?

There are many holsters available if you don't mind your gun being visible. However, if you want to hide the gun, you need to narrow down those holsters that make it difficult for anyone to see what you're carrying.

  • Texture & Material

Does the exterior of the holster feel soft against the skin? Is it uncomfortable to have the holster in direct contact with your skin or through clothing? Of course, the texture of the holster is not the only thing that will influence your decision. It should also be considered how the weather and the frequency with which you plan to use it.

Leather holsters, for example, do not hold up in hot and humid environments as well as those made of carbon fiber. In addition, leather backing can quickly wrinkle if it is exposed to sweat.

The gun can become uncomfortable to hold due to sweat seeping through the leather.

  • Stitching Quality

Some holsters are unable to hold up after a few days of constant use. Soon, the stitching begins to fall apart. Although it is not always possible to predict when this will occur, there are often tell-tale signs.

  • Pricing

In an ideal world, you would choose the lowest-priced holster with the best quality. However, pricing and quality are often inextricably linked. 

  • Manufacturer

A brand's reputation is essential. It often reflects a long history and reliability. But, high-quality holsters do not necessarily mean big brands. So it would help if you were careful about how much you spend on one.

You might want to consider paying more for a holster from a big brand if it doesn't appear to be as good as lesser-known brands. Unfortunately, it is possible to spend more just for fame.

Holster Considerations

Beretta 92FS is quite large and may not be suitable to conceal carry. However, it is possible if you can hide a large gun inside the waistband (IWB). People have succeeded in concealing 1911-style guns. A holster that is close to the body and with a small footprint can conceal this Beretta.

You can conceal the 92FS by using a good holster at your kidney position if you prefer to carry it outside of the waistband (OWB). Even with the best jacket and holster, the 92FS will be difficult to conceal if carried at the hip. There are many OWB holsters available that will work with the Beretta if concealment is not your goal.

The Beretta 92FS or any other firearm should be fitted snugly in a suitable holster. The holster should have some retention, such as a strap or button. It should also be tight enough to keep the firearm in place, no matter what you do.

Although the Beretta has many safety features, a good holster should protect the trigger from accidental firing. Your holster should fit comfortably to your body, with minimal movement throughout the day. Your draw can be changed more often if your holster moves. You don't want your gun handle to move because of a holster malfunction.

Beretta 92FS is a very well-built gun. It should last for decades. Likewise, your holster should last for many years and be able to go with your gun.

Because the gun is weighty, it is important that the holster you choose is sturdy enough to hold it. A gun belt is also necessary. Many shooting enthusiasts have found this Relentless Tactile gun belt to be the best.

Final Thoughts

Many factors will influence your Beretta 92FS holster choice. 

Its suitability for carrying holsters already gives it an advantage.

The tight gun fit makes it difficult for someone to grab your holster. Add the strong carbon fiber to the mix, and you have a holster you can trust no matter what the season. In addition, it has a tension screw that can adjust to suit a variety of gun models.

The Beretta 92FS is an excellent classic and deserves a high-quality leather holster. You can carry the Beretta 92FS concealed or open in a leather or hard-cased holster.