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Incog Holster


Buyer's Guide: Incog Holster

Choosing The Best Incog Holsters For Your Gun

The Incog Holster was developed by WILLING COX who has been a professional military trainer and consultant for several years. WILLING COX designed the original holster for the Armalite and then formed his own company to market and manufacture the Incog Holster. Incog Holster was designed for and used by military trainers, law enforcement, and personnel who are often on the go and require a quick and easy way to carry a handgun. Incog Holster products are not just designed for one purpose; they are designed to fit multiple purposes.

The HSP IN COLUMBIA holsters system allows the easy attachment of the optional Mag Caddy accessory. The Mag Caddy mounts to the front of the Incog Holster and allows the addition of a standard GSM magazine carrier to the system. This magazine carrier allows for an effective use of two handguns whether the handgun is in the appendix carry position or on the side stand during a routine day at work. The carrier further accommodates a standard ammunition magazine. The primary advantage of this accessory is the ease of attachment and removal and the secure storage location on the user's belt.

The HSP IN CAGE system has a grip that extends from the front sight base to accommodate either a regular or laser range finder. Both attachments can be readily removed from the unit. This holster is a lightweight solution that provides good control with a medium to high retention fit on any hand size and cantilever design. Incog Holster's patented tension system is used to keep the handgun securely in place. The cantilever design will rotate 180 degrees for an easy grip when supported by the strong grip straps.

A popular accessory for the Sig Sauer handguns is the Super MOjo Clip. The Super MOjo is a clip that attaches to a regular belt, pouches, or a pocket. When the Super MOjo Clip is inserted into the gun, it rotates 360 degrees to hold the handgun in place. The locking mechanism at the bottom of the SuperMOjo allows the user to flip the clip over so that the gun is exposed at all times. The rigid nylon band adds additional retention to the SuperMOjo.

The standard model of the MOjo includes a six-position attachment for the SuperMOjo that offers an anti-traction surface for a positive attachment. The MOjo has a standard six-position attachment that features six different mounting points. The six mounting points can be changed to accommodate any desired need. In addition, the six mounting points can be changed for right or left handed users, according to the specific orientation preferred by the individual.

An individual may also add a small pistol case or a leather pouch to a standard Mag Caddy to customize the device. To use the pouch, an individual places their handgun inside the case and places their choice of ammunition in the magazine caddy. Most users prefer the compact size of the Mag Caddy because it increases their overall comfort while carrying their handgun. Some people prefer the holsters with appendix carry positions because they offer more protection from accidental firing.

The Incog Holster allows an individual to choose a comfortable carry position. When not in use, the holster offers an added measure of protection. For instance, the gun can be placed inside the front of the waistband instead of placing it in the appendix position where the gun may accidentally be shot. In addition, the gun can be placed in an outside mount instead of placing it in the waistband. The gun can also be placed inside a full-length leather holster when not in use.

To wear an IWB, an individual places their choice of ammunition, including any special attachments, into their preferred belt pouch. The belt absorbs the force of the bullet and does not allow the bullet to fly out of a shooting position. An individual may wear their favored belt pouch over traditional butt-connectors or they may utilize a full-length Mag Caddy with an appendix strap. The choice of accessory is up to an individual.